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  1. GunerX

    Theater of Mystery | By Zak

    Theater of Mystery Guide By Zak This guide is translated based on these guides: *https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=12980&snA=74240* ** Add: DPS from behind Boss 1 Roles: -Marker (Last one to touch boss) -1-5 (determines which circle...
  2. GunerX

    Shadowmoor | By Zak

    Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Il100YqrI_iqmGT1Hy2uTVir0mChR8JZa8f7V8OeKE/edit ------------------------------------------------------------ Shadowmoor Guide By Zak Hard mode mech: boss 1: 90/60/30%; boss 2: 90/65/40% Normal mode mech: boss 1: 70/30%; boss 2: 80/40% *Guide is...
  3. GunerX

    ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  4. GunerX

    How to ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  5. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  6. The Drowning Deeps GUIDE

    Hi guys, I noticed some of my guides (in some form) have made it here to the bnsbuddy forums. This is the latest guide for The Drowning Deeps dungeon.
  7. GunerX

    Blackram Supply Chain | By Shadovv

    This area serves as the main supply port for the Blackram Eastern Fleet, where Vice Admiral Poharan oversees all operations. Requirements/Recommendations: "Invitation from Poharan" quest after reaching level 45. Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect skill for the first boss. Credits: Shadovv ...
  8. GunerX

    Bloodshade Harbor | By Shadovv

    The main port of the Blackram Eastern Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral Poharan's grandfather, Admiral Hae Mujin. Requirements/Recommendations: "Reunion At Bloodshade Harbor" quest after clearing Blackram Supply Chain. Note that this isn't a delivered letter, but available from the Fishing...
  9. GunerX

    Naryu Labyrinth | By Shadovv

    A mysterious labyrinth of the Naryu, guarded by numerous enemies from previous instances. The Talus Army hopes to excavate the labyrinth for their own gain, while the ruin's riches are guarded in the depths by the automaton Gods of Wind and Thunder. Requirements/Recommendations: "Daojin's...
  10. GunerX

    Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 | By Shadovv

    A long ascending tower where the Divine Fist, Mushin, was believed to have subjected his training to. Many warriors from around the world strive to reach the top of the tower. On the seventh floor, a seasoned samurai has bested all the challengers who dare cross his blade. Requirements: "The...
  11. GunerX

    Mushin's Tower Floor 8 | By Shadovv

    During his training, Mushin had to overcome three challenges, born in the darkness of his heart. These challenges have manifested into Phantom projections of himself, and now serve as your adversaries on the 8th Floor of Mushin’s Tower for a godlike test of skill. While nowhere near the level of...
  12. GunerX

    Mushin's Tower Floor 9-15 | By Shadovv

    The Tower has expanded and continues to hold stronger enemies. They say a demigod sits atop the fifteenth floor; though his fighting style may seem erratic and laughable, care not to underestimate him, or you may find yourself off your feet as he drinks in celebration of your defeat...
  13. GunerX

    Mushin's Tower Floor 16-20 | By Litewarrior

    Mushin’s Tower Floor 16-20 By: Litewarior Corrections by Shadovv Mushin’s Tower has expanded further, where a divine ray of light waits atop the twentieth floor. The sixteenth through nineteenth floors now possess not one, but two enemies, who will combine their strengths to complement their...
  14. GunerX

    Outlaw Island | By Dreamslayer

    Author: Dreamslayer Fair credit attribution: This is an expanded, written version of the video guide made by LucidDream, aka Licod Games. I’ve extracted highlights from the video, but also added additional information, clarifying notes, and attack descriptions for notable attacks. Litewarior...
  15. GunerX

    Avalanche Den | By Meiyu

    The Avalanche Den serves as an introduction to the various dungeons present in Silverfrost. Featuring the Angler Yeti, the boss encounter will introduce you to various mechanics to help prepare you for more difficult encounters. Requirements/Recommendations: Completion of Act IV: Chapter 10...
  16. GunerX

    Awakened Necropolis | By Volmie

    Requirements/Recommendations: "Completion of Act IV: Chapter 10: The Gates Open Loot: Lost Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 2, Chapter 2 - Unlocks a Hongmoon Skill Credits: Volmie: Writer Shadovv: Corrections Entrance: Before entering, there is a daily questgiver that asks...
  17. GunerX

    Cold Storage | By Shadovv

    Winter Mane, once a great warrior of the Blackram Eastern Fleet, has become corrupted by Dark Chi, indiscriminately attacking both friend and foe. He waits within his frozen wasteland for new challengers and victims alike. Requirements/Recommendations: Act IV, Chapter 10: The Gates Open...
  18. GunerX

    Desolate Tomb | By Shadovv

    The Red Automaton Unit, a mysterious group of automaton meddlers, have overtaken the Tomb of the Exiled. They have captured several Talus Engineers and forced them to use their expertise of the Naryu to revive the Infernal Lord. Requirements/Recommendations: Act IV, Chapter 10: The Gates...
  19. GunerX

    Ebonedrake Citadel | By Shadovv

    A base of operations of the Phantoms, a division of the Ebondrake Cult that meddles with dark chi. The Citadel is a prison where the Phantoms have captured and corrupted warriors to serve the Dark Lord, including Bonemask, Bokgon Brotherhood, Lycandi, Blackram, Shadowless, and Hao Society...
  20. GunerX

    Gloomdross Incusion | By Shadovv

    A fragment of the Twilight’s Edge has landed within the Gloomdross Forest, drawing in a demonic horde. The Blackram Eastern Fleet and the Snapjaw Tribe have formed an alliance to help reclaim the Gloomdross Forest from the Fiends of the Dark Realm. Requirements/Recommendations: Act IV...
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