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BnS Buddy

BnS Buddy, the tool that makes your game experience a better one. Improve FPS. Custom Mods. And much more!

I decided to make this tool to render dat editing easier.
So you won't need BnS Buddy for your dat editing needs.

It works the same way as BnSBuddy does, but you only have to chose the paths manually.

upload_2019-2-2_19-4-39.png upload_2019-2-2_19-4-48.png upload_2019-2-2_19-5-0.png

How to use:
1-Press Browse Button (in File Select tab)
1.5-Browse to the folder containing the Dat files you want to manipulate/edit
2-Select the item(dat) in the dropbox on the right of browse button
3-Select the file to edit in the tree below
4-(Editor tab opens automatically) You can do the changes desired to the file
5-CTRL+S to save changes.


There's also the good old fashion way of compiling/decompiling the whole file

TL;DR: I will not update this tool or add any features to it.
  • Fixed Bug: Clicking on a folder in dat editor would lock file list
  • Fixed Bug: Previously used data in code verification wouldn't be discarded
  • Fixed Bug: Changelog was not appearing when updating via BnS Buddy

  • Reworked: Autofix for Settings.ini
  • Fixed Bug: The trigger for the autofix was incomplete

People should no longer have issues with Settings.ini

  • Fixed Bug: Overwriting an existing BnS Buddy when updating would crash the updater

  • Updated: Credits in about
  • Updated: A proper check for Settings.ini autofix
  • Fixed Bug: A check for the local files if directory does not exist
  • Fixed Bug: A check for existing dat files in the dictionary
  • Fixed Bug: Ping check for Korean server
  • Fixed Bug: Update Button wasn't available when an update was
  • Fixed Bug: Closing the verification form locks the play button

  • Fixed Bug: Dependecy fix for some pc
  • Fixed Bug: Dependecy collision check
  • Added: Auto fix for Settings.ini
  • Added: Corruption detection of dat files in dat editor
  • Added: local dat files were added to dat editor
  • Updated: Internal updater
  • Updated: KR Arguments for client
  • Reworked: Routine to check if game is patched or clean
  • Fixed Bug: Progress tracker for Mod Manager
  • Fixed Bug: Dependecy fix for some pc
  • Fixed Bug: Dependecy collision check
  • Fixed Bug: Bad Coloring on Update Transition Form
  • Fixed Bug: Auto-extracting of BnS Buddy Updater
  • Added: New ad in Ads page(rotated)
  • Added: Toggle for Battleground crash fix
  • Updated: Ping refresh is now 5s by default
  • Updated: Added a warning when switching animations toggle when game is running
  • Reworked: Dat Editor entirely reworked
  • Fixed Bug: Visual glitch of arrow in Dat Editor
  • Fixed Bug: MultipleInstallations would throw null on some systems
  • Fixed Bug: When addons did not contain [bit] log would throw wrong message
  • Fixed Bug: Could not paste in Verification Code box
  • Fixed Bug: When Password is wrong on login, play button would be locked
  • Fixed Bug: Missing Icon for Login Form
  • Fixed Bug: FileCheck Form would cause a crash
  • Fixed Bug: Wasn't able to submit login when pressing enter
  • Fixed Bug: Changed the ip for kr server ping(might not work for every countries)
  • Disabled: Memory cleaner while game is active until we find the cause of the memory leak
Theater of Mystery Guide

By Zak

This guide is translated based on these guides:




DPS from behind

Boss 1[​IMG]

Roles: -Marker (Last one to touch boss)

-1-5 (determines which circle you go into)

Attack Rotation:

  1. Frontal 2 swipe (2nd hit knock up)
  2. Frontal slam
  3. Backward slam x2 (knock up)
  4. 360 Spin (stun/kd)
  5. Stomp (knockup)
  6. Front charge (ss)
  7. Triple slam (stun/kd)

Note: Do NOT use tab for normal attacks

Boss DOES NOT reset his rotation after each mech phase,remember where he left off before he phase.

Tanking tips:

  • Start the boss then walk behind him to dodge the front swipes
  • q/e the front slam so the backslam is pointed at same direction as front slam
  • Try to cc the 360 spin so no one gets knockback and tab
  • Ss + approach the front charge then q/e the triple slam to point it away from the group

Mechanic Phase (90/60/30%):

When phase starts, the boss will jump to middle and does an aoe knockup. 5 circles will then spawn clockwise around the room.[​IMG]

The 5 people that hit the boss first will get a fire buff...