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Blackram Supply Chain | By Shadovv

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This area serves as the main supply port for the Blackram Eastern Fleet, where Vice Admiral Poharan oversees all operations.


  • "Invitation from Poharan" quest after reaching level 45.

  • Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect skill for the first boss.

  • Shadovv : Writer


Contains A bunch of Destroyer, Gunner, and Manta-Yutay adds, and an Assassin miniboss. None of the adds, including the miniboss, need to be killed to progress, so wall run up the towers and glide over the mobs.

Gatekeeper Slashimi:


HP: 482,000

Enrage: 4:00

CC: 2x

Aides Sudura and Yaki:

HP: 137,000

Slashimi is a Manta-Yutay, accompanied by two Manta-Yutays named Aide Yaki and Aide Sudura. Slashimi has 2x CC bars, while his Aides only have 1x.

Slashimi only attacks with targeted and cone swings, all of which are blockable. His Aides however spit projectiles that induce stun. It is recommended to leave the Aides alive for the mechanic below.

Periodically Slashimi will enter a mechanic, and is untargetable throughout the entire phase:

  1. Slashimi dives into the water and produces an area of effect around him. This is a red attack, so it cannot be blocked. Once he dives, his Aides will become flipped and immobile for the rest of the mechanic.

  2. Slashimi spits four projectiles at random people, all of which are blockable. A Force Master, Assassin, Summoner, and Blade Master can deploy Divine Veil, Smokescreen, Petal Storm, and Warding Spirit respectively to protect their party.

  3. Slashimi boils the water on the entire field, dealing three hits of damage. If there is a Force Master they can cast Frost Sheath to protect the party, otherwise use your targeted iframes on the Aides.

  4. Slashimi rises up, producing another red area of effect.

  5. Slashimi charges at the aggro holder and ping-pongs around the room. Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect this to stop the attack.

Slashimi additionally has a 4:00 enrage timer, in which he will repeatedly boiling water until everyone is dead, fortunately he is not invincible during his enrage and can still be defeated before he kills everyone.


Ignore the Grimhorn on the docks and leap off, gliding over the water until you reach the platform leading into the Blackram ship. If you fall into the water, you’ll die and need to respawn.

Once again ignore the Grimhorn. There is a locked door up ahead which can only be unlocked by defeating the three minibosses in the area.

  • Foreman Kaolang: 241,000 HP Force Master with several 500 HP Vulture adds, on the bottom left. As his HP dwindles he summons Pot Dogs, Phantom Grips one of them, and kills the Pot Dogs; this then allows him to create timed exploding ice flower and Frost Prison.

  • Foreman Chunfo: 301,000 HP Assassin, and casts timed exploding poison puddles, on the top left. He has two 39k HP Watchdogs, which if not killed transforms into Blackram Gunners. At 50%, Chunfo will transform into a woman named Ku Ki, but this causes his passive Captive adds to attack him, constantly inflicting knockdown. At 25% Ku Ki will transform back into Chunfo.

  • Foreman Maotai: 268,000 HP Destroyer, with three 39,000 HP passive Grimhorn Laborers, on the middle right. At 80%, Maotai's attacks will deploy poison area of effects, along with timed exploding poison puddles. The Grimhorn Laborers, when killed, can drop antidotes which can be thrown to remove poison.

After killing the minibosses, the door ahead will open, leading to the side of the ship. Careful not to fall off. There is another opening into the ship, with a single Blackram Gunner patrolling; a Force Master, Blade Dancer, or Destroyer can grab him and throw him into the ocean.

Head inside the Mess Hall. There are two more minibosses, Proprietor Won and Ton, Force Masters with 69,000 HP each, along with some adds patrolling. Once initiated, some additional adds will spawn where you entered from.

Chef Tae Jangum:


HP: 734,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

After being engaged, she places a Landmine on the floor. After a while the Landmine explodes and induces poison and Knockdown. Red attack so cannot be blocked.


Many of her attacks mimic those of Assassin players.

  1. 5 hit Lotus Fury, last hit induces Daze. If Daze is successful, she will do a 2 hit Shadow Slash for Knockdown.

  2. Poison Breath in a cone. Unblockable. Immune to CC while casting.

  3. Hand motion Decoy. This is a counter, and if hit into she'll enter stealth behind you. If you do not remove her stealth, she'll follow up with a Stun from Spinal Tap, a Daze neck slash from Close Shave, and a Shadow Slash.

After 90% she will periodically perform a Backstep and inflict Blind on everyone, and one person is given a Time Bomb debuff that explodes after 5 seconds and inflicts Daze. Afterwards, she summon Landmines in a long row on the sides, covering almost the entire field except the middle.

Additionally, Sous Chef Shin Dabal, a 1,930,000 HP Destroyer with no CC bars, will show up after the first Blind/Time Bomb. Killing him gives an achievement but he'll eventually leave on his own or if Tae Jangum is defeated.


Another wave of mobs ahead, run past them all. Be careful with the towers, as there are bomber throwers that inflict Knockdown. The miniboss Assassin Marauder Sital, patrols the area, but can be slipped past when he isn't walking near the entering and exiting paths. Another miniboss, Destroyer Maurader Siwa, stands guard at a door, but can be de-aggro'd by gliding over him and jumping on the crates to the left, or running to the end of the hallway and jumping on the crates to the left.

In this area, multiple Barracks Gatewatchers, 40,000 HP Destroyers, will spawn. Only one needs to be killed to enter the door it’s guarding to fight the next boss. It doesn't matter which Gatewatcher is killed, but the last one is preferred as it is closer to the final area.

Mak Sobo:


HP: 688,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x


Many of his attacks mimic those of Force Master players.

  1. Flame projectile. Inflicts Ember.

  2. Another flame projectile. Inflicts Ember.

  3. Linear flame attack. Inflicts Ember.

  4. Linear ice attack. Can't be CC'd.

  5. Plants a flower which detonates after a while. Unblockable, Inflicts Knockdown and Ember.

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther away, he'll use Phantom Grip and inflict Daze, then follow-up with an unblockable area of effect that inflicts Aerial and Ember.

Periodically he'll do the following:

  1. Throw three timed explosion fire fields. Each detonates Ember stacks for high damage. Unblockable

  2. Summon a 191,000 HP Blade Master. He will only summon three at most.


More adds that can be ignored, including Force Master Marauder Siwa and Blade Master Marauder Suwit. If any adds are aggro'd, head into Poharan's Camp and fly against the wall from where you dropped in, and they'll de-aggro.

Vice Admiral Poharan:


HP: 1,080,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

The little miss trigger-happy-hyperactive Vice Admiral of the Blackram Eastern Fleet, Poharan comes in guns blazing with her deadly minigun. She has inherent True Sight, allowing her to see Assassin players in stealth.


  1. Jumps over the tank and guns them down from overhead, inflicting Daze. Unblockable. Not CC'able.

  2. Dash uppercut on the aggro holder inflicting Aerial. Not CC'able. If successful, she will gun them down in the air; this is CC'able and someone else can interrupt it to save the aerial'd person.

  3. Backsteps 8 meters.

  4. Wide cone gun volley inflicting Daze, blockable.

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther away:

  1. Fires four grenades, leaving flaming puddles.

  2. Rapid fire over a very long distance, blockable.

  3. Chucks multiple grenades over a set area, leaving a larger flaming puddle, unblockable.

  4. Wide cone gun volley inflicting Daze.

  5. One of the two:

    • Rapid fire over a very long distance, blockable.

    • Drops an unblockable landmine propelling herself into the air, then fires a volley at the aggro holder for Daze, then drops down at them for Knockback.
  6. Dash uppercut.

At 90% and 80%, Poharan jumps into the middle and plants a Fire Landmine. On detonation it spreads outward and inward, covering the entire field except the edges. As she does this she fires a pair of pistols at random people.

At 60% Poharan jumps to the middle and plants an Ice Landmine, triggering Freeze for rooting you in place for standing next to it. She then chucks a volley of grenades, and then launches herself into the air where the Landmine then detonates and fire a bullet volley Daze at the aggro holder and drops down at them for Knockback. When the Ice Landmine is planted, two levers on the east and west sides of the room activate, opening the 8 heating vents scattered on the sides of the room. The Ice Landmine freezes the entire room except the heating vents, inflicting 20 second Chill for movement speed reduction and approach disables.

At 40%, Poharan's tigers Rose and Lily will jump into the fray, both have no CC bars.

Following 40%, Poharan will periodically plant an Ice Landmine. Unlike 60% she will chuck four small grenades at the aggro holder, drop a Fire Landmine spreading outward-inward after the Ice Landmine detonates, and launch herself in the air for a bullet volley Daze and drop down Knockback.
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