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Shadowmoor | By Zak

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Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Il100YqrI_iqmGT1Hy2uTVir0mChR8JZa8f7V8OeKE/edit
Shadowmoor Guide

By Zak

Hard mode mech: boss 1: 90/60/30%; boss 2: 90/65/40%

Normal mode mech: boss 1: 70/30%; boss 2: 80/40%

*Guide is translated based on TW server guide: https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=12980&snA=73697*

Boss 1:

Roles: - Conductor x3 (10/2/6), 7/12 meter

- Marker x1 (direct the boss, stay close, can’t be tank)

- Everyone else dps from 3+ meter, stay away from conduction

Attack Rotation:

180 Swipe

Cross (knockup)

Tail swipe (knockback)

Pounce (can cc)

Front back + 360 spin

Mechanic Phase:

When boss starts the mechanic phase, it will perform a suction attack, pulling everyone to middle. The 3 conductors will go to 2/6/10 clock position to step on the quartz spawned. The person that sends a wave across the room is the REAL quartz, the other 2 conductor will be 7/12 meter conduction.

2 gates will spawn at 12/4/8 clock position.Marker needs to direct the boss to charge to these gates to remove stacks on the boss.

*Note: Directing the boss toward the quartz will cause wipe

After the 2 charges, the boss needs to be next to the quartz for conduction.

Boss does forward and backward dash (similar to HQ):
-Forward dash: look at marker > dash

-Backward dash: swing its head > dash backward [REMOVED]

If real quartz is at 2, direct boss to either 12 or 4, then back to mid, then to the other. If the real quart is at 6/10, direct the boss to opposite side, then back to mid, then to 8.

Easy way for marker to remember: If there is a gate at 12, direct boss to 12, then look for second gate. If not, direct boss to 4 then 8

IF the marker failed to direct the dash, kd the boss at pounce to redirect the charges back to middle, then do all kd to direct the boss.

KD Rotation: KD> get up attack > CHARGE > Spin > Look for marker > CHARGE > Cross > Pounce (KD)

After the charges, the 2 conductor that got fake quartz will stand 7/12m from boss and form a line toward the real quartz, shocking the boss and dealing 10% damage.

After the conduction, everyone need to walk inside the quartz to shield his roar attack. The boss will resume normal attack pattern afterward.

Mechanics Phase Flow: Boss jump to mid (marker don’t get knockback, blockable) > Suction (f roll) > HM Block + conductor step on 3 quartz > CHARGE > Cross > Pounce > Spin > CHARGE (to mid) > Cross> Pounce > Spin > CHARGE > Spit at marker > 7/12m conduct > roar (dandy/iframe) > grab real quartz person> conduction > everyone go in quartz barrier> normal attack

Boss 2:

Roles: - Curse (Farthest after phase starts, direct death zone)

- Marker 1 (Cut the 1st round of tentacles)
- Marker 2 (Cut the 2nd round of tentacles for 40%)
- Closest/Tank (2nd round of line)

- Bait (range, spawn the tentacle pools)

Attack Rotation:

Frontal 180 Swipe

Tentacle Slam (KD)


Frontal 180 Swipe

In mid out ring (KD)

Frontal Stab (KB)

*If the tank gets knockback, the boss will grip and jump to the farthest person and do in mid out ring attack, then his cc bar will open up (grip), cc.*

Mechanic Phase:

*It is important that dps stay close to the boss during phase so people can get their marks.*

When the mechanic phase starts, the boss will jump to middle, do in mid out ring attack, the give farthest person the curse buff. He then will perform a suction attack and randomly spawn a tentacle pool. After that he will stomp and create death zone toward the curse. Make sure the death zone do not overlap with the tentacle (people with curse buff is safe inside death zone). The boss will then spawn tentacle pools (1 at 90% 2 at 65/40%) under the farthest person at the moment, whom should be spawning the tentacle pools toward the middle. It is recommended to direct the death zone at either 12 or 6 o’clock.

*Note that the person spawning tentacle will also get slam by the tentacles, it is recommended to have range with bubbles to take the role*

After the boss spawn tentacles, he will throw missiles at everyone. It is recommended to hm block so people can move freely. During the missiles, curse should be standing with marker 1 at the edge of death zone. Boss will connect the curse and marker 1 with a line, the marker will then use the line to “cut” the tentacles while curse walk close to the boss. Make sure not to go too far apart to break the line.

After all the tentacles have been destroyed and the boss give marker 1 curse buff, marker 1 will ss away from curse, breaking the line, gaining curse buff, and swapping place with curse. Curse will then step on the 3 pools to remove them. Meanwhile, marker 1 should stay on the side of death zone to make sure the 2nd death zone overlap with the 1st. Marker 1 will then get grabbed and the boss should be stunned.

After the cc boss will connect marker 1 and the closest person (tank) with a line and perform out mid in ring attack. SS out the ring (everyone) and break the line. It will then do a roomwide 5 hit (sheath) and go back to normal rotation.

*Note: 90% and 65% mechanics are the same, except 90% has tentacles (1 random 1 spawn) and 65% has 2 (1 random 2 spawn).

90/60% Flow: Boss jump to mid > in mid out ring > give farthest curse > suction > spawn random tentacle pool > bait (farthest) spawn pool > missiles > connect curse and mark 1 > mark 1 cut tentacles > ss after curse > curse step on pools > boss grab marker 1 and stun > connect mark 1 and closest > out mid in, ss to break line > 5 hit roomwide (sheath) > normal attack

At 40%, boss will spawn another wave of tentacle pools after marker 1 ss to break line. After the curse and marker 1 swap, curse should step on the pools, then be the farthest and spawn another 3 pools. At this point marker 1 would take the role of curse and marker 2 will take the role of marker 1 and share the connection. Marker 2 will cut the newly spawned tentacles, ss away from marker 1, and get grabbed by boss. Marker 1 will step on the pools to destroy them. After stunning the boss, he will connect the marker and the closest person and perform an out mid in ring attack. SS out the ring and iframe (sheath) the 5 hit aoe to go back to normal rotation.

40% Flow: Boss jump to mid > in mid out ring > give farthest curse > suction > spawn random tentacle pool > bait (farthest) spawn pool > missiles > connect curse and mark 1 > mark 1 cut tentacles > ss after curse > curse step on pools > curse spawn 3 tentacle pools > connect mark 1 and mark 2 > mark 2 cut tentacles > ss after mark 2 gets curse > mark 1 step on pools > boss grab marker 2 and stun > connect mark 2 and closest > out mid in, ss to break line > 5 hit roomwide (sheath) > normal attack


- Boss 1 SIN Mark POV:

- Boss 2 SUM Bait POV:

- Boss 2 KFM Tank/Curse POV:

- Boss 2 SIN Mark 2 POV:

- Boss 2 BM Mark 1 POV:

- Jaesung’s guide for boss 2 hard mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlBenC7qjc8

-Thank You-
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