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Gloomdross Incusion | By Shadovv

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A fragment of the Twilight’s Edge has landed within the Gloomdross Forest, drawing in a demonic horde. The Blackram Eastern Fleet and the Snapjaw Tribe have formed an alliance to help reclaim the Gloomdross Forest from the Fiends of the Dark Realm.


  • Act IV, Chapter 31: Relics of the Past

  • Offal of Darkness - Unlocks a Hongmoon Skill
  • Twisted Soul Shield

Demonseal Core 1:

Make your way to Tanjay Kilns. In the middle is the Pyre Lord, surrounded by numerous Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, and Force Master adds, who will aggro on the first person to hit the Pyre Lord. Be very careful of the Pyre Lord's area of effect knockback and avoid standing 5 meters or farther away, as it will trigger his phantom grip which is an area of effect that does very high damage. The Pyre Lord is immune to all CC.

Once the Pyre Lord is dealt with, all the adds will despawn. The Demonseal Core spawns with 1% HP, and three Snapjaw Shamans will arrive to heal it; defend the shamans and the core from waves of demons until it reaches full health. If a Shaman dies, they will respawn after a minute. If the Core dies, the Pyre Lord respawns and the entire process must be restarted.

Two Blackram Blade Masters will arrive to help defend the Core and requests the players to scout around the area in search of their fallen Gunner, Archer, and Force Master comrades. It is recommended that you send no more than two people to retrieve the fallen Blackram, unless your group feels comfortable with defending with less people. Each of the fallen Blackram are guarded by a one, two, or four Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, or Force Master fiends, which must be killed to spawn the fallen Blackram.

When any of the Blackram are returned to the core the Shamans will gain a temporary buff that will heal the core faster for a short period of time. If three of any type of the Blackram are returned, a Blackram miniboss will spawn to aid the defense of the core, bringing with him crates with various weapons depending on the type. A maximum of six of each type of Blackram can be placed at the core.

Enemies approaching the core include:

  • The Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Force Master fiends

  • Accursed Phantoms who will run towards the core ignoring all NPCs and players. They will explode after five seconds upon reaching the core. These mobs are quite dangerous and should be dealt with quickly.

  • Bone Ebonfiends

  • Ebonfiends with AoE projectiles that will ignore NPCs and players and will focus on damaging the core. These should also be dealt with quickly.

  • Fiendhounds that will constantly summon Deranged Fiend mobs if not killed

  • Pung Mahin, constantly summons Deranged Fiends, does not attack itself.

  • Hulking Fiends, appears very late, usually when the core reaches near full health

Once the Core reaches full health, it will kill any remaining enemies in the area, and the waves will stop spawning.

Demonseal Core 2:

Make your way to The Stumpyards. You'll find multiple Corrupted Giant Spiders surrounded by smaller Corrupted Spiders. Killing these Corrupted Giant Spiders will provide you with a sticky orb that can be thrown at mobs to immobilize them for 15 seconds. One trick to make killing this Pyre Lord easier is to throw one of the orbs at him, it will prevent him from attacking until the orb's debuff decays, giving your group ample time to kill him without retaliation.

Three Blackram Minibosses arrive to help defend the Core. The main waves for this core are the same as the previous one, the only difference being that the Pung Mahin spawn is replaced with various large Mad Fiends that will walk slowly towards the core, self-destructing five seconds after reaching it for a very significant amount of damage in an area of effect if they are not dealt with and will one hit kill players. Summoner and Warlock familiar taunts can make the Mad Fiends self-destruct in place. Ideally you want to use the sticky orbs from the Spiders to hold them in place while killing them.



HP: 9,100,000

Enrage: 6:00

CC: 2x


Follows a very similar pattern to the Infernal Lord from Tomb of the Exiled.

  1. Left frontal 180 degree claw swipe, blockable.

  2. Right frontal 180 degree claw swipe, blockable.

  3. One of the following:

    • Rear 180 degree claw swipe, blockable.

    • Two area of effect spins, the last hit causes knockback and knockdown, blockable, cannot be CC’d.

    • The first time after engaging will be the rear swipe, the next time he reaches this point in the pattern it will be the spin, and then it will cycle in between.
  4. Frontal linear dark breath, blockable.

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther away, the boss will throw a projectile at them. Blockable.

If the boss is knocked down, he will do an unblockable area of effect getup attack.

Entangling Seed:

After 15 seconds into the fight, and then every 30 seconds after, Baruk does a mechanic.

  1. A message warns “An Entangling Seed is appearing around Umbral Lord Baruk” and Baruk spawns an Entangling Seed at a corner. This seed will root anything that moves into it besides the boss itself. Any seed from a previous mechanic will despawn, but this does not end the root.

  2. Once the seed spawns, a message warns “Summoned Exiled Wraiths are moving toward Umbral Lord Baruk” and five Exiled Wraiths spawn on the opposite side of the seed and run toward the boss, healing him 5% of his health per Wraith.

  3. One person will receive a mark, while Baruk attempts to do 4 field-wide unblockable area of effect ground pounds which can be stopped with CC. The mark should move a fair distance behind the Entangling Seed while the rest of the party interrupts the pounds, optionally extending it with a grab or aerial to give the marker more time to get into position.

    • Beware that Summoner’s and Warlock’s familiars can also receive the mark.
  4. After the pounds, a message warns “Umbral Lord Baruk is jumping toward the targeted player” and Baruk will jump toward the marker, creating an unblockable area of effect impact. With Baruk behind the seed, the Wraiths will walk into the seed, get rooted, and be unable to reach the boss.

    • If the boss is too close to the seed, visible by his back end being inside the seed's area of effect, he may still absorb the Wraiths. If this is the case your group has two options:

      • The aggro holder stands 8 meters from Baruk, any more or any less and the boss will either continue to attack as normal or begin to throw his ranged attacks. If you stand exactly this amount away he will slowly move closer, allowing you to position him properly.

      • A Destroyer or Blade Dancer grabs the boss and moves him into the proper position behind the seed.

Dark Chi:

After Baruk completes two rounds of the Entangling Seed mechanic, he will begin the second mechanic, which is as follows:

  1. A message warns “Umbral Lord Baruk is full of Dark Chi” and Baruk will perform a shout animation, cleansing all debuffs in the process, before jumping to the middle and creating unblockable area of effect impact.

  2. A message warns “Umbral Lord Baruk blows tainted breath toward the targeted player” and Baruk spits a long ranged linear fire breath in the direction of the furthest person. This person should stand behind the trapped Wraiths in order to kill them with the breath. He will do this three times, and re-target the furthest person for each breath attack.

    • Beware that Summoner’s and Warlock’s familiars can also receive the mark.
  3. Baruk does a fairly fast field-wide unblockable area effect roar that vacuums in and dazes both players and any Exiled Wraiths that are left alive, iframe this.
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