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simple mode

  1. Forcemaster request for new badge fire fm's simple mode

    After i tested the new badge, I found there are some that need to fix 1. change priority between Meteor shower(V) and Blazing wall(C). So Meteor Shower first then blazing wall. 2. use Shock fire(1) even i don't have 5 Ember stacks. Now the shock fire doesn't work if i don't have 5 ember...
  2. Addon Assassin Request : Skill change for Serpent Assassin

    Hello everyone, I wanted to merge decoy and stealth stance to not go out of stealth to use party protection, badge/braceket efects or go stealth to stun the boss. So I tried something what I learn(couldn't) from here and made some addons. Well, I messed up. I had to repair the game. Now I want...
  3. Addon [Request] Fire FM Fire Stance to F in simple mode

    Hello, Is it possible to shift Fire Stance of Fire FM to F from current LMB in simple mode? Thank you very much .
  4. RommyRey

    [BM] Fire Blade Master - Simple Mode Fix

    Thank you @Wat for your addon (BM Lightning). I just decided to make something useful for Fire build using your mod. It works amazingly great for me because you can forget using Blade Storm (X), Lightning Rod (C), Sundering Sword (Z). Unfortunately, I can't add Dual Strike (C) to rotation...
  5. Request/Help Ice WL 1f and 1v stun not showing

    I realized with simple mode ON, ice wl 1f and 1v stun won't work. They just won't show up when you use 1 I was trying to see what was different into normal and simple mode xml, but I couldn't realize what is the issue. Both seems to have those skill id's into it, so I would be glad if...
  6. REQUEST: Remove 3 from Shadow GUN Simple Mode

    As the title says. I've attempted this myself and have only achieved to either remove 3 and also somehow 4 (despite not editing the 4 skill in the xml), or remove 3 with the side effect of the skill straight up locking itself when its on CD or doesn't have a target. Any posts about this same...
  7. Request: Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin simple mod

    Hello i would like made a change about simple for Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin. Because of the mystic badge i would like do a priority for 4 before F if 4 is reseted. The simple mod don't care about the reset from mystic badge and use F as default. Base simple mod is the one above The...
  8. FM Rotation

    i was making some tests in FM rotation, and i saw the simple mode have some prioritys that make the rotation lose dps. if i say how should be the rotation can anyone make the file? in my opinion shoul be something like: LMB, RMB and 2 like basic skills as always the first rotation should be: 1...
  9. Warlock Way of the Scourge, Leech remove from Simple Mode and add to LMB

    Hello, I play the new shadow Warlock and I had the problem that I would like to have Leech on the LMB and with a bit of research I have 2 addons tinkered here which accomplish exactly that. With me both addons work. The two addons work properly I have applied the addons as follows. 1. Use...
  10. Đặng Nhật Tín

    Remove lmb in simplemode for des earth awaken

    My english is not well so anyone can help me with this request :(( , I know page have addon for des but my ping and my fps can not play in normal mode so i want in simple mode but need some tweak , thanks Update : remove LMB for des EARTH awaken in simplemode by Exora
  11. Justbringit

    BD Simple mode dead after awk patch

    Hey there, i dont know why but since awakening patch bd simple mode doesnt anicancel Right anymore. since yesterday the Rotation its trying to do is f lmb lmb f lmb lmb which makes no sense at all. is it possible to mod it back again to f lmb f lmb?
  12. Request Addon Make "V" on simple mode rotation SF

    Hi can someone do the V skill "Royalpunch" on simple mode rotation again ? lost it with the last update
  13. Create my own addon?

    'Okey so i need a little bit of help here: Im an Assassin and i want to create an Addon that is for Enabling Simple Mode in F12 so i can easy enable and disable it for my needs. Can anybody tell me how an addon is made so i dont have to xml edit everytime again?
  14. Skill ID's that aren't listed in the skill book

    Fire kfm tiger strike shows up two places during tremor and blue buff I have used the tutorials on how to remove skills from simple mode and successfully moved a skill that was in the skill book. However when I use tremor or blue buff a tiger strike shows up on 2 that is glowing with the combo...
  15. RoZZa4EveR

    Guide: How to activate simple mode in F12 (training room)

    It's really simple: 1. Anywhere in bns world activate Simple Mode (Shift + F3) 2. Now change to Classic Mode (Shift + F2) 3. Go to the training room (F12) 4. Now switch back to BnS mode (Shift + F2) 5. Now you should have simple mode working in F12 Thanks...
  16. Shadow Gunner add F and 4 in Bulletstorm rotation

    Hello everyone!!! I`m playing SHADOW gunner. I am noob in theme of "addons creating" and my English is not good. I want to know, does it possible to add UNLOAD [F] and UNDERTAKER [4] in rotation when Bulletstorm is active (If You know, in simple mode when bulletstorm is active it doesn't use...
  17. FM: Possible to add 'F' Dragonblaze/Dragonfrost into Simple Mode? Without breaking the game?

    Trying to do an addon to add Dragonblaze into simple mode rotation for Fire FM and Dragonfrost into simple mode rotation for Frost FM. Following instructions from Cupid's tutorial/guide: https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/remove-skills-from-simple-mode.551/ and Louyo's variant-id...
  18. Addon Fulfilled Remove skyward slash from simple mode?

    Hello. Is there any addon that only removes X (skyward slash) for wind BD in the simple mode? without changing anything else?
  19. Shanurix

    Fire Gunner Simple mode fix

    Hey dudes! I made a little quality of life addon for Fire Gunner's Simple Mode. It removes Triple Shot from the Simple Mode rotation which gives you the control over when you want to proc it. I would recommend going to Mushin's Tower and testing it out on the training dummies first. Enjoy...
  20. Remove Ice Warden's Sword Salvo from Simple Mode

    And move it back to F. For high-ping players, it will help you to cast second RMB by doing RMB FFF RMB F manually, which cannot be executed normally in Simple Mode cuz Sword Salvo has higher priority. The skill ID is 37280 to 37283. Yeah, it has four variants.
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