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Warlock Way of the Scourge, Leech remove from Simple Mode and add to LMB



I play the new shadow Warlock and I had the problem that I would like to have Leech on the LMB and with a bit of research I have 2 addons tinkered here which accomplish exactly that.

With me both addons work.

The two addons work properly I have applied the addons as follows.

1. Use "WL leech remove.patch" after that Leech should be on F
2. "WL leech remove to LMB.patch" now Leech is on LMB

I did not test that with the Illusion Warlock
--- Merged ---
I read somewhere and I also noticed that Leech lights up and disappears again and Leech plays with you.

With the addonn that I provide below this problem is better to control but only in normal mode


  • WL leech remove to LMB.patch
    541 bytes · Views: 103
  • WL leech remove.patch
    541 bytes · Views: 99
  • WL leech remove to LMB Normal Mode.patch
    512 bytes · Views: 67
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Sorry, I'm slow., do I need to use the 2 addons? "WL leech remove.patch" and "WL leech remove to LMB.patch"
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