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  • So I updated the BD simple mode but the rotation is giving me F LMB LMB F LMB LMB (instead of F LMB F LMB).. even the regular simple mode ( bns without bnsbuddy) does F LMB LMB F LMB LMB.. lmk if you’re getting the same thing and if theres any solution to this fix
    Yo man, can you make the same simple mode modification for BM like you made one before? The one that removes V, X, Z in simple mode?
    Hi there. Right now im playing awakenning patch. Can I ask what is the skill of ID 20612 and 20407 of the old patch (- Simple_Mode-Fix_BM_Sundering_Sword-Scourge_By_RoZZa4EveR). Thanks in advance.
    Hello there. Thanks for your addons. They make my BM do more dps than before.
    May I ask you a favor that can you make an addon that remove TAB from BM simple mode?
    Tthanks in advance.
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