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Forcemaster request for new badge fire fm's simple mode


Annotation 2020-01-23 162006.png

After i tested the new badge, I found there are some that need to fix

Annotation 2020-01-23 161454.png

1. change priority between Meteor shower(V) and Blazing wall(C). So Meteor Shower first then blazing wall.

2. use Shock fire(1) even i don't have 5 Ember stacks. Now the shock fire doesn't work if i don't have 5 ember stacks.

3. When the Soulburn, put meteor shower(V) and blazing wall(C) after inferno(X)


4. In the base, remove the red box's frost palm(RMB) and blazing palm(LMB)

I don't know what is able and not able to do in here with xml, but wish you can make it.

Thank you for reading and wish someone helps the pleb force master


UP ! :'(
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UUUUUUUPPP need help pleace, it is really probleme !
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