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FM Rotation


i was making some tests in FM rotation, and i saw the simple mode have some prioritys that make the rotation lose dps.
if i say how should be the rotation can anyone make the file?

in my opinion shoul be something like:
LMB, RMB and 2 like basic skills as always
the first rotation should be:
1, 4, X, F, C, RMB, LMB, X, F, V, Z, 1, X, RMB, LMB, 2, X, RMB, LMB and 2
them keep going but if dual dragons (F), Blazing Wall (C) and Inferno (X), is available, should start the rotation again.
the problem i see in simple mode is if dual dragons and inferno are available, it is used dual dragons first and inferno after, losing 15s of CD for inferno (because the badge). the same aplies to blazing wall. if you start atack using simple mode, it is used : RMB, LMB, 2, blazing wall, RMB, LMB, 2 Dual Dragons, RMB, LMB, 2, 1, inferno 2x. but this make lose all the cd we get from blazing wall and dual dragons in inferno.

can someone make the rotaion i said? i guess will help alot in dps for FM since we will get more use of CD in inferno from the itens


first rotation for simple mode user :

G + Z + 4 + 1 + X + RMB/Simple macro ( auto dual dragons and 2nd inferno ) + C + RMB/Simple macro ( auto dual dragons + inferno 2x + Meteor)

for middle fight :
when your inferno almost ready stop click RMB/Simple Mode because Dual Dragons will go out before the inferno, press 1 + X + RMB/Simple Mode ( auto dual dragons and 2nd inferno )

i used this addons, created by me but maherz modified this addons

maybe you can watch my video, im still learning too


  • FM Remove ShockFire & Blazing Wall.patch
    1.1 KB · Views: 414


I use ancestral soulbadge for this patch..
ancestral give reduce cooldown off dual dragons for 15sec when using blazing wall, dual dragons burn enemy for 10sec + reduce cooldown inferno for 15 sec..


Good night sorry for the ignorance but put the file in the buddy and it does not work should we apply something else?
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