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Request: Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin simple mod


Hello i would like made a change about simple for Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin.
Because of the mystic badge i would like do a priority for 4 before F if 4 is reseted.
The simple mod don't care about the reset from mystic badge and use F as default.


Base simple mod is the one above


The simple mod i want (I know we can't change the picture in game is just for explanation)

Basically i want use F only if 4 is on CD. (Maybe could copy condition from gunner shadow condition with 4 only use while C and tab is on CD).

If someone could help me to edit this or do it could be nice for raid because macro don't like ping spike while simple mod work better in this case. I never made addon before i don't want do a big mistake.
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