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Addon Assassin Request : Skill change for Serpent Assassin


Hello everyone,

I wanted to merge decoy and stealth stance to not go out of stealth to use party protection, badge/braceket efects or go stealth to stun the boss. So I tried something what I learn(couldn't) from here and made some addons. Well, I messed up. I had to repair the game. Now I want some help from you guys. For me and probably some Serpent Assassins would like to use it.

Also I'm using simple mode (obviously can see my laziness level)

Here's what I want ;

Decoy/Protection Decoy (2) > Time Bomb (2)

Venom Slash (3) > Bolt Strike (3)

Choke Bomb (4) > Lightning Rod (4)

Toxic Splash (X) > Poison Dart (X)

Spinal Tap (LMB) > Mist Slash (LMB)

To be clear, we don't need Bolt Strike, Lightning Rod, Poison Dart and Mist Slash. I want to use Decoy/Protection Decoy, Venom Slash, Choke Bomb and Spinal Tap on decoy and stealth stance.

If you do that, you are my hero! Thanks for advance.
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