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  1. Addon Assassin Request : Phantom state 4, LMB and X to simple mode

    Hello. As the title says, is it possible to add 4, LMB and X in this order to simple mode during phantom state? I have a really high ping, so the spells don't always go off when I press them, which messes up my burst. Thanks in advance.
  2. Blade Dancer help me whit my wind bd addon rolling tabbon

    hei can somon make a wind bd addon? thet move my f(rolling tabbon) to lmb? and maybe iven make it so it show the ice all the time only gray out if i don't have the wind fucos for it? it's rly annying me how my hm block are on f :/ and i need to use lmb befor f to not use my hmblock. and how my f...
  3. Request Addon Equipment management

    That you know, does it exist or would it be possible to create an addon to manage the equipment? To quickly switch from pvp to pve equipment without having to do everything manually? Or to remove and replace accessories during pve farming? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  4. AeonSyN

    Request Addon Fulfilled I want to remove autokick when party member offline

    party 6 member on openworld, it about xml64 or anything, pls help.
  5. Nimbi

    Request Addon Better Discord Rich Presence

    I would like to see a better Discord Rich Presence Addon that shows the name of the character currently being used, the guild name of that character, and the location they are currently in. Basically something similar to this one but for Blade & Soul:
  6. HaeMujin

    Addon Ice SF - Auto Glacial Blast

  7. Request Addon Spectral BM Addon

    Hello friends, there is possible to make an addon to swtich StarStrike (Tab) and Rally (Z), so this way we can enter and leave blade stance in tab and use the buff in z?
  8. Addon simple mode kfm wind addons

    there are some addons that can be used for the macro of kfm wind or for the simple mode that works for dgs and raids? , the time between the skills for example something that can help me mount a macro or improve the simple mode?
  9. REQUEST: Remove 3 from Shadow GUN Simple Mode

    As the title says. I've attempted this myself and have only achieved to either remove 3 and also somehow 4 (despite not editing the 4 skill in the xml), or remove 3 with the side effect of the skill straight up locking itself when its on CD or doesn't have a target. Any posts about this same...
  10. Request Addon Addon Enable Simple mode in Hongmoon Training Room.

    As title said. Could someone make an addon where it can enable simple mode in F12? Thanks in advance.
  11. Blood Ire to RMB Light WD

    Hi guys, I made this smol addon to move Blood Ire to Rmb for light Warden.
  12. Đặng Nhật Tín

    Addons autopacth

    I know bnsbuddy have two way to istall addons is patch with bnsbuddy and manual change with dat editor , so things i want to ask is this is any other way to auto patch addons "ONLY" not other things like bnsbuddy laucher tweak server fps etc... like dat editor have separated with bnsbuddy...
  13. BM's conflagration flash to LMB/RMB. [AWAKENING]

    This addon removes BM's Conflagration Flash (fire spec) or Fulmination Dragon Strike (lightning spec) from 'F' key to 'RMB' or 'LMB'. It will be pretty useful for faster stance managing, reducing TAB's CD and also it guarantees that you wouldn't accidentally use your HM block. There are three...
  14. Addon Fulfilled Remove skyward slash from simple mode?

    Hello. Is there any addon that only removes X (skyward slash) for wind BD in the simple mode? without changing anything else?
  15. Shanurix

    Fire Gunner Simple mode fix

    Hey dudes! I made a little quality of life addon for Fire Gunner's Simple Mode. It removes Triple Shot from the Simple Mode rotation which gives you the control over when you want to proc it. I would recommend going to Mushin's Tower and testing it out on the training dummies first. Enjoy...
  16. Hashi

    Request: Lightning Assassin Simple Mode

    Hello Guys, Been fiddling around the XML file following Cupid's instructions, but can't seem to figure it out... Basically Trying to make Assassin Simple Mode in stealth to be 4 > rmb > 4 > rmb (basically making it 2 full rotations due to 4 not being cancelled in simple mode). And also trying...
  17. Exora

    Addon BD normal mode BASIC / DRAW STANCE Changes [UPDATED]

    BASIC STANCE (wind only) [RMB] < < < [LMB] < Hold [LMB] if you want to reduce Z during SB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DRAW STANCE (both builds) [RMB] [F] [RMB] >...
  18. Exora

    Addon Warlock WL normal mode LEECH on 4

    _____________________________________________________________________________________ [ICE] _____________________________________________________________________________________ -FIXED : Moved REPULSE to 4 as well (by mistake)WHOOPS~! its back to normal now... (ice only)- Report if...
  19. Fideles

    Request Addon Simplified Combat FM - Remove Skills

    I would like to ask for remove some skills from simplified combat for Forcemasters. Skills wanted to be remove is C and V (Short Fuse/Meteor Shower), (FM have too many skills on simple mode. Most of the time if play with fire element keep lock on fire stance when simple mode its on causing...
  20. cupid

    Remove V from Simple Mode for Blade Dancers

    This addon removes the V skill from Simple Mode. It works for wind and lightning Blade Dancers, in BNS and Classic mode. The whole XML was created by Fijikku Kasai#4840, packaged by me (cupid.rips.hearts#3337) in addon form...
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