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Blade Dancer help me whit my wind bd addon rolling tabbon


hei can somon make a wind bd addon? thet move my f(rolling tabbon) to lmb? and maybe iven make it so it show the ice all the time only gray out if i don't have the wind fucos for it?
it's rly annying me how my hm block are on f :/ and i need to use lmb befor f to not use my hmblock. and how my f diseper som times and i need to use rmb to get it back opp


Bamboo Warrior
i will be glad to assist you with that.
so basicly you want to change you blade dancer wind (Rolling Thypoon) F key to LMB right,
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the script you requsted for Blade Dancer Spining Storm (Wind) Spec
you can find more scripts here Blade And Soul Art And Modding


  • Emma BD Script.rar
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