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BM's conflagration flash to LMB/RMB. [AWAKENING]


This addon removes BM's Conflagration Flash (fire spec) or Fulmination Dragon Strike (lightning spec) from 'F' key to 'RMB' or 'LMB'.
It will be pretty useful for faster stance managing, reducing TAB's CD and also it guarantees that you wouldn't accidentally use your HM block.
There are three options of the mod: to 'LMB' only; to 'RMB' only and to both 'LMB' and 'RMB'. Use only one of them.


  • BM_confFlash_on_LMB.patch
    523 bytes · Views: 30
  • BM_confFlash_on_LMB_AND_RMB.patch
    756 bytes · Views: 83
  • BM_confFlash_on_RMB.patch
    523 bytes · Views: 76
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