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Addon WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by Exora, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

  2. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    Thing is it cant be easily reworked anymore since theres no more option to see someone's skills trough f2 web service.

    So only way is going head trough the wall and trying out all id's and see which is what (ids after awakened are totally different and they are 6 numbers not 5 numbers as current ones pre awk)
  3. Salty

    Salty Cricket Member

    Hi just wanted to ask if anyone is having issues with divine strike level 2 not procing while using the normal mode lmb addon?
    whenever i press divine strike it just keeps charging and not upgrading to the next level. it works fine in simple mode though.
  4. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    Repair the game and apply Addons on clean files, there's nothing wrong with Addons so far :bnsnope: / this is all i can tell you
  5. kalintz

    kalintz Cricket Member

    Hello. @Exora
    Im doing an imgsearch based macro, but in order to make ir more efficient i would need the epicenter to be out of Rmb to F while using your addon, do you think it is possible for you to make that?
  6. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    On some of the previous pages i explained how to find skills ids so just follow that and find ids of epicenter in my addon and remove it. :bnswave:

    I have no time nor will to rework it every time for every single person.
  7. ChibiiDemon

    ChibiiDemon Cricket Member

    may i know how using this addons, i mean are we just press z(sb) stay close boss n press hold/spam rmb
    or we still need doing like z 4 rmb out from sb doing sentry etc
    (iam ice warden)
  8. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    Just try it...doesn't need much time to apply and repair the game if ur not satisfied. >_>

    Anyway its not gonna work when Awakened patch comes so it's whatever~
  9. SilentKillerGr

    SilentKillerGr Cricket Member

    Hi will this work now in the awakened or you need to remake it ?
  10. Sixley

    Sixley Cricket Member

    No it doesnt.

    Maybe the Creator update this Addon ?
    it would be awesome
    --- Merged ---
    I took a little time and updated the version for the frost warden.
    I use these skills.

    have fun with it
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  11. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    ty for taking your time to update it~
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  12. wolfy

    wolfy Cricket Member

    will lightning warden rotation still work?
  13. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    i deleted all old addons so you have to w8 for light one
  14. Sixley

    Sixley Cricket Member

    Updated the Unpress Addon for Divine Strike (Frost Warden) too

    And did an other Addon that puts Divine Light from LMB to RMB.
    Dont know is this good or not.
    It works

    have fun with it
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  15. Jose7952

    Jose7952 Cricket Member

    Thank you so much for updating these addons, they work perfectly! :bnsheart:

    I wonder if there's a chance to also update the "WAR SB from Z to TAB I Rage from tab to Z I Quake from TAB to E", I noticed it stopped working after the awakening patch :bnsshy:
  16. Remiiiiii

    Remiiiiii Cricket Member

    Thanks so much for the hard work! And not to be a nuisance, but do you have a plan to remake the addon to remove sword salvo from simple mode too? This is the original thread https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/remove-ice-wardens-sword-salvo-from-simple-mode.691/ . I couldn't figure out how to make my own addon and create a .patch file, but I believe the new skill ID for sword salvo is 202250.
  17. Sixley

    Sixley Cricket Member

    Not tested but should work

    Attached Files:

  18. doctorx

    doctorx Cricket Member

    some one rework the ligthning ones ?
  19. Shader

    Shader Cricket Member

    Can u add a new lighting spell ''Blood Ire'' to simple mod? Thanks a lot for your work.
  20. Pestiferius

    Pestiferius Cricket Member

    Thanks a lot for your work ! The Frost rota addon really makes songbird badge sweet gettin 3 divine strikes out per sentry ! =)

    Divine light to RMB isnt beneficial though, hence it overwrites Divine strike in sentry (just tested both a while and a several situations where i missed 1 divine strike since divine light got rdy while in sentry and overwrote it) Even had a super "lucky" sentry stance once where i got divine light rdy the sec i entered sentry, got my -15sec cd reset from beeing hit and a sec after that a weap reset xD 10sec sentry with 1 divine strike and 3 divine lights ..OUCH