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normal mode

  1. Skill ID's that aren't listed in the skill book

    Fire kfm tiger strike shows up two places during tremor and blue buff I have used the tutorials on how to remove skills from simple mode and successfully moved a skill that was in the skill book. However when I use tremor or blue buff a tiger strike shows up on 2 that is glowing with the combo...
  2. Exora

    Addon Warden WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

    DPS ROTATION [if you plan to use "Divine strike unpress key status removal" be sure to apply dps addon first than this addon] [RMB] > > > > [SENTRY LMB] > -FIXED issue with divine strike being blocked by sonic stirke when you try to cast it near the end of sentry duration- [RMB] > > > >...
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