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  1. Addon Warden Warden Addon Request: blade ward on RMB simp (Guardian)

    Hello everyone, Hope you are having a lovely day! Can someone please make an add-on to put Blade Ward on to RMB in Simple Mode for Guardian? Thank you very much! Would something like this work? FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_warrior_contextsimplemode.xml Search =...
  2. Fam丶Fan丶Fan

    Patch Guardian Warden rotation with XML version

    [RMB] Normal Stance [RMB] Soulburn Stance Version 1 Version 2 Sword Salvo still on [ F ] Sword Salvo move to [ LMB ] Reaper move to [ F ] Reaper move to [ F ] add to [ B ] just fine this for anti stuck charging Divine Flurry move to [ F ] Blade Barrage add to [ LMB ]...
  3. David mlelo

    Addon Mod Simple Mode (SP) Warden Guardian

    Hello everyone. It's my first post on this forum. I would like to know if it is possible to add some skills in the simple mode of the Guardian warden. I wish someone could do for me the inclusion of the skills "V" - Blade Ward and "4" Sever as in the image below. I tried to modify it myself but...
  4. Remove Ice Warden's Sword Salvo from Simple Mode

    And move it back to F. For high-ping players, it will help you to cast second RMB by doing RMB FFF RMB F manually, which cannot be executed normally in Simple Mode cuz Sword Salvo has higher priority. The skill ID is 37280 to 37283. Yeah, it has four variants.
  5. GunerX

    News Warden’s Fury: Items and Systems Preview

    The next major Blade & Soul update brings a number of impactful changes to core items and systems. The Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury update arrives soon, and with it several impactful itemization and systems changes are being made. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch...
  6. Exora

    Addon Warden WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

    DPS ROTATION [if you plan to use "Divine strike unpress key status removal" be sure to apply dps addon first than this addon] [RMB] > > > > [SENTRY LMB] > -FIXED issue with divine strike being blocked by sonic stirke when you try to cast it near the end of sentry duration- [RMB] > > > >...
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