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  1. Addon Help for Addons - Gunslinger

    Hey everyone ! So , when i try to use the Xml of Hello Kitty i have this , Can i have some help please ? x)
  2. Solved Installing .pak files

    Hello, I was glad to see ue4 being utilized on Blade and Soul and some promises they said not being met from what I've heard. But from beside that, I have a curious question since some files have been different. I'm hoping any solution could help. :) 1. So on Bns Buddy. I'm having an issue...
  3. Addon very important skills

    why are these skills not active ?
  4. Open Help pls with Addon

    I can't understand why the addon doesn't work, what did I specify incorrectly? This is a boss skill by the way
  5. Open Trying to install bnspatch

    Hello :bnswave: i have a problem, i check a lot of topics here in the forum but nothing compared to mine problem . Apparently i don't know why, but when i click " install " on bns patch_UE4_2021 nothing happen. I can install others like sigbypasser without problem. Also when i try to launch the...
  6. Solved Fast Box Open doesn't work after 10/28 patch(KR)

    I applied addons through bnspatch (Kr sever can use bnspatch after install sigbypasser) but fast box open addon didn't work... transformation still work fast, but fast box opening and decomposition didn't work.... i downloaded addons through addon pack at bns forums
  7. Addon How can I create my own addons?

    I would like tips to edit and make addons, how can I know what number corresponds to a certain skill? Example: "103040" = Startrike.
  8. cupid

    Error 1002? Error 1003? Can't use addons? Bnspatch stopped working?

    IF YOU ARE IN THE RUSSIAN (RU) SERVERS, CLOSE THIS POST. YOU MAY GET BANNED FOR FOLLOWING ANY STEP DESCRIBED HERE. If you have any of those symptoms, as of version, there are 2 solution to fix this error (for supported regions). (If you have an older version of BnSBuddy, UPDATE IT)...
  9. resurrect_n

    Addon Help me

    Help me move 131232 to F? #addons
  10. [NEED HELP] change little addons #PLEACE :'(

    Hello, L'addons is [FFTabFixV2] It is very nice addons , but i want remove spell "Phénix Fire" or fixe "Awakened Dragonchar". Because when BW/SB is actif i can't use "Phénix Fire" FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_forcemaster_contextsimplemode.xml Description =...
  11. Addon Assassin Request : Skill change for Serpent Assassin

    Hello everyone, I wanted to merge decoy and stealth stance to not go out of stealth to use party protection, badge/braceket efects or go stealth to stun the boss. So I tried something what I learn(couldn't) from here and made some addons. Well, I messed up. I had to repair the game. Now I want...
  12. DemonHeartBeat

    Request Addon how to use Addons on Thaiserver?

    BnS serverThai can't patch in BnSBuddy because game run on Garena Platform Is there a way to use addons? P.S. sorry my english language skill is low level
  13. BnS Buddy Addons FPS drop

    So I usually start the BnS client through the NCSoft launcher after every weeks maintenance to get the updates, but this week when I updated it, and then went back to reapply addons to the client through BnS Buddy, the FPS rate ingame for the re-compiled .xml file for 64 bit client, has dropped...
  14. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  15. Addons

    hi guys i want ask why everytime i do run bns buddy and choose addons why there is nothing like auto save setting to not let me each time i run should i selected all these addons from list its getting me bored thanks all
  16. GunerX

    How to use Addons with BnS Buddy

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