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  1. UiaiTopKekSin

    PvE PvP General fix assassin from awakening patch to be normal again?

    like have replace dynamic kick for good old lightning stride, shadow dagger/sneak attack instead of that useless poison kunai in stealth? ty
  2. PvE 4, lmb X 3 to rmb.

    Could it be possible to make an addon that moves 4, X, 3 and LMB to RMB on 3rd spec sin? would appreciate a lot
  3. skylifex

    General Request to remove ugly sin phantom outfit to normal outfit while tab

    help i want to see normal sin rather then black :( plz someone remove its black outfit when we press tabs
  4. Friedrich_Der_Grosse

    Assassin 3rd macro?

    Hi, sorry, maybe I'm writing in the wrong place, but can anyone share the macro on the third branch of the assassin?
  5. Addon Assassin Request : Phantom state 4, LMB and X to simple mode

    Hello. As the title says, is it possible to add 4, LMB and X in this order to simple mode during phantom state? I have a really high ping, so the spells don't always go off when I press them, which messes up my burst. Thanks in advance.
  6. Addon Assassin Request : Skill change for Serpent Assassin

    Hello everyone, I wanted to merge decoy and stealth stance to not go out of stealth to use party protection, badge/braceket efects or go stealth to stun the boss. So I tried something what I learn(couldn't) from here and made some addons. Well, I messed up. I had to repair the game. Now I want...
  7. xml sin awk ( light & dark )

    Give me the xml version for dark & light awk sin, optimize the combo. Or someone can point me to the xml for the class
  8. Request: Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin simple mod

    Hello i would like made a change about simple for Awk Shadow (old light) Assassin. Because of the mystic badge i would like do a priority for 4 before F if 4 is reseted. The simple mod don't care about the reset from mystic badge and use F as default. Base simple mod is the one above The...
  9. Simplemode F12, NCsoft removed the easy way

    So NCsoft made it impossible to use simple mode in f12 with the easy way. so we have to mod it again in the XML but when i try it i end up having only LMB in the simplemode / RMB. im playing Assassin so this is pretty vital to myu parses anyone knows whats wrong or has gotten it correctly.
  10. Assassin Lightning Rod to LMB (Normal Mode)

    I got tired of accidentally blowing my choke bomb when a random tick of whatever knocked me out of stealth, so I created this addon to swap Lightning Rod to LMB and Spinal Tap to 4 in Lightning spec (Way of the Shadow). This addon is currently for Way of the Shadow normal mode only, but I may...
  11. Hashi

    Request: Lightning Assassin Simple Mode

    Hello Guys, Been fiddling around the XML file following Cupid's instructions, but can't seem to figure it out... Basically Trying to make Assassin Simple Mode in stealth to be 4 > rmb > 4 > rmb (basically making it 2 full rotations due to 4 not being cancelled in simple mode). And also trying...
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