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  1. Addon Fire BM skill priority fix

    Can someone please invert the order of Sundering Sword and Lunar Slash in both Base and Enhanced Flicker combos. [Edit 15/08/2019] Nobody wanted to help me, so I did it myself. Also did a bonus and include Lunar Slash before Blade Storm (because my badge reset it) and before Whiling Sword too...
  2. Request Texture Jin costume mod request

    i would appreciate if anyone could mod Temptation and Twist of Fate costumes For Jin with no underwear if possiblle remove bra from temptation too THX in advance :)
  3. Request Addon Spectral BM Addon

    Hello friends, there is possible to make an addon to swtich StarStrike (Tab) and Rally (Z), so this way we can enter and leave blade stance in tab and use the buff in z?
  4. Request Texture Lyn Male Outfit Replacement Request

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could please mod 2 costumes for me I would highly appreciate it the 2 outfits I want is: -Tight Knit -Butterfly Effect And if possible could you replace (Pure Affection -> Tight Knit) and replace (Cabin Mate -> Butterfly Effect) Thank you so much for this!
  5. Request/Shadow Sin Dynamic Kick button change

    Hello. Is there any way to change dynamic kick button from rmb to lmb ?
  6. Fire FM Simple Mode Blazing Wall (need help!)

    I have an Ancestral Badge and the cooldown of Inferno decreases 15 sec when i use Blazing Wall, but with the simple mode the Blazing Wall sometimes is casted when Inferno is available and the effect of the badge become useless. Someone can help me adding a condition to only cast Blazing Wall...
  7. Request: swap Hongmoon uniform to Grand Enchantment

    for Jin females. Much appreciated.
  8. Request Texture A request to remove small SFX's or w/e they're called

    I would love to know, if its hard, or if it's possible for someone to make an addon that removes: Soul burns black wing or maybe re-substitute the entire ''outfit'' And remove the SFX's from Blade frenzy <3 someone said to lower my SFX, i kinda wanted it completely removed from 'Blade frenzy'...
  9. Hair mod request - New Oneclick Guide?

    I need help with modding (00010233.upk) into the but for Yun. Can't find it in the One-Click replacement tool. Thanks in advance :))) <3 Also is anyone interests in a new One-Click Tool Guide, I'm intending to write a new guide, with some of my own experience with the tool since the...
  10. Request Texture Request for Midnight Action Hero Texture, F Jin

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a texture mod for midnight action hero outfit either for hongmoon uniform or pure evil for jin female. I do not super understand how to use the modding tool so if anyone has any time for this, could you please help me out :3 thank...
  11. redotix99

    Request Texture Less lewd Stratus empire outfit version

    Id like to have the Stratus empire with less "exposure" if you know what I mean. just cover the private parts a little more. If someone would be willing to do this for me I would be very very happy. But if you feel like doing even more than I do want to get in to making mods myself but I am...
  12. Request Texture Nirvana outfit

    Hello! Can someone modified Nirvana outfit from Mushin's tower by removing several pieces of clothing on GonF? I saw several month ago this modified outfit from user in Discord, but those clothing was made only for JinF. I'll be very appreciated. This outfit is golden version of "Mystic Monk"...
  13. Request Texture UPK Manager does not export any upk file

    When i just remove a part of an outfit it just fine but i replace a part of an outfit which have skin of character under this part with another part of an another outfit, the UPK Manager doesn't rebuild any UPK file. There is my D, M, S, N files. Can someone help me fix this issues or show my...
  14. Request Addon Disable boss cinematic ?

    Possible disable boss cinematics in raids and dungeons ?
  15. Request Texture courtesan outfit mod

    can someone remove the yellow and pink overall for jin f
  16. Request Texture Help with Recolor GonM costume from Green to Metallic Blue (Pic provided)

    Here's the details of the GonM green costume Need to recolor to Metallic Blue
  17. Request Texture Remove front flap on Empress Regalia

    Hello! Can someone please remove the front flap on Empress Regalia? Id do it myself, but don't know how. Ugly clipping on GonF. Thank you. :bnsheart:
  18. Request Addon How to edit to show room pvp

    How to edit xml to show room pvp that show only ranking 1900. So i want it to show every ranking Thank you
  19. Toracooko

    Request Texture Dreamcutter edit for Jin F

    How do I convert a dds file to UPK, and how would I go about changing this old mod by Naduron to a useable upk file? File: https://www.undertow.club/attachments/jin-costume-dreamcutter-rar.48962/?temp_hash=f1363a2f3b69e8359d47bd2207fd192e Would someone be able to create it, or tell me how...
  20. aya

    Request Texture Divine maiden yun hair mod

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could swap these 3 hairstyles in this video to these items: stalker hat, nightmare hair, silky hair (for yuns) OR to hair 119 (the newest straight cut hair, next to the wavy pigtail one) I would also be grateful for just one or two! (whichever is the easiest) I...
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