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BnS Buddy

Buddy Update & Updater

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After a long time.. Here's another of the biggest updates BnS Buddy has received.
+ Added: Handler for patch files with no replace value
+ Added: Archer animation toggle
+ Added: 3rd spec animation toggle to KFM toggle
+ Added: D912PXY mod for win10 and win7 users only
+ Added: ULPS Toggle for AMD GPUs in extras to maximize performance
+ Added: Prompt warning when fth entries exists
+ Added: Manual selection of cores to run the game on
+ Added: Toggle for affinity manager
+ Added: Support for lower cased N in BNS for version file check
+ Added: Startup entry for BnS Buddy toggle in settings
+ Added: Handling of whitespace in email during login
+ Reworked: Detection of installed mods when installed with files
+ Reworked: Handling of Compat flags and fth are now seperate
+ Reworked: Handling of same folder name in modmanager but different mod files
+ Reworked: Partially reworked the settings handling for easier...

Buddy Bad news...

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Hey everyone, it's been a long ride to where we are at right now. I really need *your* help. And the best way to achieve this is trough patreon. I tried everything myself before resorting to this. Because something REALLY bad happened to me. So I really need your help...

Only a dollar will make a huge difference for me. I thank ya'll deeply for staying with me all this time.

Tool Buddy Dat Editor for Command Line (2020)

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Hey ya'll!

I've had this request in my git for a while now...
So I've decided to finish it once and for all ;)

Git Url: https://github.com/RedDot-3ND7355/BuddyDatCom

You don't have permission to view content!

You need the "DatEditingDll.dll" and "Ionic.Zlib.Core.dll" alongside the "BuddyDatCom.exe" for it to work!!!


Really easy to use! It's got live progress report and works fast ;)
Make sure to run cmd as admin before running it!



Buddy Update

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  • Optimisation: Buddy startup is faster
  • Optimisation: Loading affinity window now loads faster without hang
  • Fixed Bug: Starting buddy while server timeout occured hangs buddy
  • Fixed Bug: Wanting to update within buddy would freeze the app when server timeout occured
  • Fixed Bug: Some extras features were overlapping others
  • Fixed Bug: Loading bar now displayed properly on affinity window

this is more like... a QoL update?

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Scrollbars for Launcher text log and mod log
  • Added: Keep in tray toggle added to settings
  • Fixed Bug: Applying addons with a damaged dat file would result in an error
  • Fixed Bug: Picturebox for splash changer was out of bounds
  • Fixed Bug: When selecting a xml file to edit in dat editor, it would be loaded twice since v5.9.1.7

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Wrong strings were used for login to ncsoft servers
  • Fixed Bug: Wrong local version string was used

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Version check was checking the wrong strings
  • Fixed Bug: Version check was missing a backslash when on different windows version

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Reload button in dat editor
  • Added: Custom affinity
  • Added: Custom path support for nclauncher 2
  • Added: Version check for supported regions
  • Updated: Ip for na server
  • Reworked: Changed how the settings are handled when changed
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling parent folder of sub mod would cause an error/crash
  • Fixed Bug: Added a null check for bit selection

Buddy Update & Updater

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  • Added: Restoring already running buddy if new instance exists
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move mod folders for new mod manager would cause an io exception
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling a mod which the folder does no longer exist would trigger an error


  • Fixed Bug: Popups styling from buddy would be broken and button would overlap
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move new update would cause an io exception

Buddy Update

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  • Added: a plus button for a full description for the mod
  • Added: Preview button in mod manager
  • Added: Help button for mod manager
  • Added: Beautify button to dat editor for xml cleanup
  • Added: Syntax check for dat editor to prevent corrupted files
  • Added: Disabling menu options when game is already running
  • Added: Save as xml button for dat editor
  • Added: Colors to installed mods
  • Added: Installed mods conflict check
  • Added: Sub mods to mod manager
  • Modified: Mod Manager to install mods...
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