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BnS Buddy

Buddy Bad news...

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Hey everyone, it's been a long ride to where we are at right now. I really need *your* help. And the best way to achieve this is trough patreon. I tried everything myself before resorting to this. Because something REALLY bad happened to me. So I really need your help...

Only a dollar will make a huge difference for me. I thank ya'll deeply for staying with me all this time.

Tool Buddy Dat Editor for Command Line

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Hey ya'll!

I've had this request in my git for a while now...
So I've decided to finish it once and for all ;)

Git Url: https://github.com/RedDot-3ND7355/BuddyDatCom

You need the "DatEditingDll.dll" and "Ionic.Zlib.Core.dll" alongside the "BuddyDatCom.exe" for it to work!!!


Really easy to use! It's got live progress report and works fast ;)
Make sure to run cmd as admin before running it!



Buddy Update

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  • Optimisation: Buddy startup is faster
  • Optimisation: Loading affinity window now loads faster without hang
  • Fixed Bug: Starting buddy while server timeout occured hangs buddy
  • Fixed Bug: Wanting to update within buddy would freeze the app when server timeout occured
  • Fixed Bug: Some extras features were overlapping others
  • Fixed Bug: Loading bar now displayed properly on affinity window

this is more like... a QoL update?

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Scrollbars for Launcher text log and mod log
  • Added: Keep in tray toggle added to settings
  • Fixed Bug: Applying addons with a damaged dat file would result in an error
  • Fixed Bug: Picturebox for splash changer was out of bounds
  • Fixed Bug: When selecting a xml file to edit in dat editor, it would be loaded twice since v5.9.1.7

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Wrong strings were used for login to ncsoft servers
  • Fixed Bug: Wrong local version string was used

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Version check was checking the wrong strings
  • Fixed Bug: Version check was missing a backslash when on different windows version

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Reload button in dat editor
  • Added: Custom affinity
  • Added: Custom path support for nclauncher 2
  • Added: Version check for supported regions
  • Updated: Ip for na server
  • Reworked: Changed how the settings are handled when changed
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling parent folder of sub mod would cause an error/crash
  • Fixed Bug: Added a null check for bit selection

Buddy Update & Updater

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  • Added: Restoring already running buddy if new instance exists
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move mod folders for new mod manager would cause an io exception
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling a mod which the folder does no longer exist would trigger an error


  • Fixed Bug: Popups styling from buddy would be broken and button would overlap
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move new update would cause an io exception

Buddy Update

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  • Added: a plus button for a full description for the mod
  • Added: Preview button in mod manager
  • Added: Help button for mod manager
  • Added: Beautify button to dat editor for xml cleanup
  • Added: Syntax check for dat editor to prevent corrupted files
  • Added: Disabling menu options when game is already running
  • Added: Save as xml button for dat editor
  • Added: Colors to installed mods
  • Added: Installed mods conflict check
  • Added: Sub mods to mod manager
  • Modified: Mod Manager to install mods...
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