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Buddy Update

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NOTICE: You will notice UNFINISHED features. Don't mind them.
NOTICE: Please do NOT rename BnS Buddy.exe to prevent crypto errors.
REMINDER: This update requires you to convert old saved logins to the new ones in Profiles within the Menu.
REMINDER: To use addons the old fashion way via BnS Buddy, it requires Plugin Loader + SigBypass Plugin to work.

+ Updated: Pathing for UE4 Clients (Splash/Data/Client)
+ Updated: Custom client path now supports UE4
+ Fixed Bug: Not handling events properly when game closes
+ Fixed Bug: Plugin Manager GUI would load wrong reference for Newtonsoft
+ Fixed Bug: Loop Leak caused 30% usage on cpu if not more
+ Fixed Bug: Duplicate Killing process messages
+ Fixed Bug: Infinite Mod Manager refresh causing menu to freeze & eat up cpu
+ Fixed Bug: UI would show when not fully loaded during first startup
+ Fixed Bug: When buddy would be minimized it would restore
+ Fixed Bug: Logs in launcher tab would sometimes overlap the overlay for multiclient
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled errors when uncompressing dat files with wrong key
Not open for further replies.
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