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Buddy Update (Rushed)

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NOTICE: You will notice UNFINISHED features. Don't mind them.
NOTICE: Please do NOT rename BnS Buddy.exe to prevent crypto errors.
REMINDER: This update requires you to convert old saved logins to the new ones in Profiles within the Menu.
REMINDER: To use addons the old fashion way via BnS Buddy, it requires Plugin Loader + SigBypass Plugin to work.

+ Removed: NoPing Ads
+ Removed: Frontier Support because it was terminated
+ Updated: Korean region for ue4 client
+ Updated: Internal Libs
+ Fixed Bug: When installing d912pxy the wrong config would be used
+ Fixed Bug: When memory cleaner would trigger it would use the wrong routine
+ Fixed Bug: Online dx12 mod build number would overlap local number
+ Fixed Bug: Plugin Manager would error out because of partially filtered names for plugin loader
+ Fixed Bug: Checking Inexistant process ids would cause errors
+ Fixed Bug: Updating plugin loader would not disable update button
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Not open for further replies.
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