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  • Is there a active Discord link? Can't seem to find..
    Theres an active link on the forum. Very easy to find/see
    Hello Endless.
    I lost bnsbuddy when i backup my PC.
    I can't install bnsbuddy with bnsbuddy (old) because it need path to client.exe
    Do you have fully installer BnsBuddy ?
    Path to game now changed : ...\32834\BNSR\Binaries\Win64\BNSR.exe
    Hey sry if i write to you here ... i just have a question .... doesnt addons work anymore? i just getting error codes if i try to use any addon
    I dont see this script work
    FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skilltrainingsequencedata_forcemaster.xml
    Search = <step result-1="hit" result-2="critical-hit" result-event-type-1="attack" result-event-type-2="attack" sequence-step-type="skill" skill-1="131180" />
    Replace = <step result-1="hit" result-2="critical-hit" result-event-type-1="attack" result-event-type-2="attack" sequence-step-type="skill" skill-1="131040" />
    Description =
    USe that
    Your code nothing change ?
    I can't add & can't block skill for simple mode of Force Master lightning by patch mode.
    Please help me.
    p/s: I found id 133160 (key X), 133170 (key C), 133190 key Z, 133180 key V.
    Can i give me link your discord ?
    I didn't found any link on your discord.
    When viewing the forum, theres a link that makes u join our discord server and u can send it from there :)
    I have the following error since installing the new patch.. Please help

    Signature with problems:
    Problem event name: CLR20r3
    Problem signature 01: BnS Buddy.exe
    Signature of problem 02:
    Signature of problem 03: 5
    some way to get Update ? :bnscry: Please
    Sadly, I don't keep the older versions.
    But if you can check the event viewer and find the Info/Error Specifics. I will be able to solve the issue.
    @andryneo Hey, the next update MIGHT fix the issue you're having with the latest updates.
    Please help solve the problem.
    After the update, the program stopped working.
    Excuse me,
    how to use patch a file without automatic run game by BnS Buddy ?
    because BnS Buddy can't find my ID-user for logon.
    How to stop ask/extract config[bit].dat when i patch a file ?
    OK, fine.
    I MIGHT add patch without starting in addons page. in a near future.
    thanks for "I MIGHT add patch without starting in addons page. in a near future. ".
    Which command block search & replace for addons ?
    Example: when i patch file. It changed both line but i only need want change first match line.
    How can i do that ?

    It at <group name="megaphone"> and the next 6 lines
    At least i success replace but that stupid replace. (Add more space)
    BnS Buddy won't save notes
    example i go to dat edit button and edit something with notes "<!--my notes--> & i click saved but it won't save notes. It's only save mod.
    please help me for that.
    Sory dthat i write here but my BnS Buddy said i should contact you.

    Error: One element is useing the same key
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