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Buddy Update & Updater

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After a long time.. Here's another of the biggest updates BnS Buddy has received.
+ Added: Handler for patch files with no replace value
+ Added: Archer animation toggle
+ Added: 3rd spec animation toggle to KFM toggle
+ Added: D912PXY mod for win10 and win7 users only
+ Added: ULPS Toggle for AMD GPUs in extras to maximize performance
+ Added: Prompt warning when fth entries exists
+ Added: Manual selection of cores to run the game on
+ Added: Toggle for affinity manager
+ Added: Support for lower cased N in BNS for version file check
+ Added: Startup entry for BnS Buddy toggle in settings
+ Added: Handling of whitespace in email during login
+ Reworked: Detection of installed mods when installed with files
+ Reworked: Handling of Compat flags and fth are now seperate
+ Reworked: Handling of same folder name in modmanager but different mod files
+ Reworked: Partially reworked the settings handling for easier management
+ Fixed Bug: Launcher logs wouldn't be scrolled down auto for certain users
+ Fixed Bug: Mod Manager logs wouldn't be scrolled down at all without it being shown first
+ Fixed Bug: Keep-in-tray toggle would not dispose bns buddy logo in tray when closed
+ Fixed Bug: Typo for assassin in extras
+ Fixed Bug: Double clicking the mod manager list would trigger triple state
+ Fixed Bug: Startup spinner would not follow the settings color
+ Fixed Bug: Buddy would not close if icon or BW was already disposed
+ Fixed Bug: Typing invalid characters into text field would crash or cause an error
+ Fixed Bug: The theme code validation would not be the theme color selected
+ Fixed Bug: Receiving broken code validation emails when some info could not get grabbed by ncsoft
+ Fixed Bug: Overlapping box in extras
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled errors when using unstable connection and could not connect to bns buddy domain
+ Fixed Bug: A rare dns bug would occur on ncsoft dns records and could not login anymore
+ Fixed Bug: Remote ip grab would hang and crash the login process
+ Fixed Bug: Adding/Modifying/Removing a folder in mod manager would create a duplicate of the entire tree
+ Fixed Bug: Uninstalling 2 mods or more of the same name would create an index error
+ Fixed Bug: Two mod folder of same name would both be green if only one of them is installed

+ Added: Server status so users will know why the download button is grayed out
+ Added: Admin permission required from start
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled errors when using unstable connection and could not connect to bns buddy domain
Not open for further replies.
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