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bns buddy

  1. Addon simple mode kfm wind addons

    there are some addons that can be used for the macro of kfm wind or for the simple mode that works for dgs and raids? , the time between the skills for example something that can help me mount a macro or improve the simple mode?
  2. GunerX

    ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  3. BnS Buddy Addons FPS drop

    So I usually start the BnS client through the NCSoft launcher after every weeks maintenance to get the updates, but this week when I updated it, and then went back to reapply addons to the client through BnS Buddy, the FPS rate ingame for the re-compiled .xml file for 64 bit client, has dropped...
  4. BnS Buddy Setting

    I just came back to blade and soul a few days ago, so I do not know much about new bns buddy updates. I have used BnS buddy in the past. I still remember that there was something I did in Dat Editor section to create an option in game for optimization. Can somebody tell me if i need to do that?
  5. why is my bns buddy offline

    i start my bns buddy and it says big OFFLINE sorry for bad english i am german :D
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