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bns buddy

  1. Addon Help for Addons - Gunslinger

    Hey everyone ! So , when i try to use the Xml of Hello Kitty i have this , Can i have some help please ? x)
  2. skylifex

    Unsolveable multi client not working after update

    please update the multiclient not working since this update came
  3. Solved New bns buddy update doesnt remember login E-mail and password

    The title, Everytime i need to type the e-mail and pass manually, Check remember me doesnt do anything, and one more question how do I go back to the old version if i want to. i need help here or i'm doing something wrong? idk 1616171062 Nevermind, I manage to instal old version. everything...
  4. Solved plugin is not working.

    The lessloadingcreens plugin is not working. When will it be able to work again?
  5. TanakaJosei

    Solved BNS BUDDy File corrupted, it never happen like this!

    I was just return to play bns after 3 weeks and before 3 weeks bns buddy was fine
  6. Phoenix

    Solved "Invalid Character" during login

    Hello! I keep getting an error message Every Time I login: It's not game-breaking or anything. Just annoying. :) Is there a fix for it? Thanks!
  7. Endless

    Buddy Update & Updater

    After a long time.. Here's another of the biggest updates BnS Buddy has received. Version + Added: Handler for patch files with no replace value + Added: Archer animation toggle + Added: 3rd spec animation toggle to KFM toggle + Added: D912PXY mod for win10 and win7 users only + Added...
  8. Open BNS BUDDY issues, need help

    Hello, I have been a BUDDY user for some time now, and for just over two months I have been having game crash issues, probably associated with BUDDY, and would like help from the most experienced on how to solve these issues, as I can't stand it anymore Having to close the game all my life...
  9. Addon simple mode kfm wind addons

    there are some addons that can be used for the macro of kfm wind or for the simple mode that works for dgs and raids? , the time between the skills for example something that can help me mount a macro or improve the simple mode?
  10. GunerX

    ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  11. GunerX

    How to ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  12. BnS Buddy Addons FPS drop

    So I usually start the BnS client through the NCSoft launcher after every weeks maintenance to get the updates, but this week when I updated it, and then went back to reapply addons to the client through BnS Buddy, the FPS rate ingame for the re-compiled .xml file for 64 bit client, has dropped...
  13. BnS Buddy Setting

    I just came back to blade and soul a few days ago, so I do not know much about new bns buddy updates. I have used BnS buddy in the past. I still remember that there was something I did in Dat Editor section to create an option in game for optimization. Can somebody tell me if i need to do that?
  14. why is my bns buddy offline

    i start my bns buddy and it says big OFFLINE sorry for bad english i am german :D
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