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Request Texture [GonM] Recoloring Green/Gold "Scorpion" Full Body Suit to other color themes?


So this is the GonM Green/Gold Full Body Suit (KR calls it Hercules costume???)
I have attached the original files below.


Green looks ugly. So this is the D file:


This is the M file (The top upper left green portion is the "thong underwear" region)
Red = Flesh/Skin, Green = Leather, Blue = Metallic/Crystalline.


After 6 to 8 hours of trial and error of recoloring (Photoshop Match Color function, cough the Replace Color function would have taken 60 hours), I got these:

Green -> Blue
Gold -> Silver


  • However, if I go on to change the leather texture to metallic/crystallic via the M file, the S files gives me problems and causes the "luminous green stuff" to resurface (think Fel Orcs, toxic slimes in World of Warcraft).
  • I'm not sure what's the easiest/quest way to synchronize the color theme of the amended D file to the S file because the resolution of the S file is too tiny for Photoshop Match Color function to work.
  • Also not really sure how to achieve the shiny dark blue effect and shiny light blue effect texture effect as below:


Of course, if the above issues are solved, I might attempt a Red + Gold theme.


  • GonM Green Scorpion Suit.zip
    174.5 KB · Views: 4


I tend to just copy and paste the D File in the S file and then resize it, maybe cut the Skin part, darken someparts or other thingys.

If I remember correctly the swimpants dont use cloth but metal in the M File, change green to blue where applies.
Look at the colors in the S and D files of the ones you want to "copy".
Lastly, the amount of reflection is linked to the alpha layer in the S File, from Black-> nothing to White-> my eyes, I'm blind.
Hope that helps.
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