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  1. Request Texture Nirvana outfit

    Hello! Can someone modified Nirvana outfit from Mushin's tower by removing several pieces of clothing on GonF? I saw several month ago this modified outfit from user in Discord, but those clothing was made only for JinF. I'll be very appreciated. This outfit is golden version of "Mystic Monk"...
  2. Request Texture [GonM] Recoloring Green/Gold "Scorpion" Full Body Suit to other color themes?

    So this is the GonM Green/Gold Full Body Suit (KR calls it Hercules costume???) I have attached the original files below. Green looks ugly. So this is the D file: This is the M file (The top upper left green portion is the "thong underwear" region) Red = Flesh/Skin, Green = Leather, Blue =...
  3. Request Texture Help with Recolor GonM costume from Green to Metallic Blue (Pic provided)

    Here's the details of the GonM green costume Need to recolor to Metallic Blue
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