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  1. blademaster_

    Request Texture UE4 Looking to hire a modder for commission

    Hello everyone I am looking for modder to create a completely new dress from other game for gon female race.Obviously I can’t just rip off the asset from this game,I was wondering can someone create the same dress for me for gon female Message me here or in discord blademaster_
  2. XTGMods

    Texture Model UE4 [GonF] Improved Faces

    Importing and editing faces is now possible via gltf format, you'll need to export all the morphed face models and use the morphed models as shape keys for the base face. General improvement for GonF faces, with a higher poly face model and some upscaled face textures (up to 2K). Most notably...
  3. XTGMods

    Texture NSFW Model [GonF] Skimpy/Sexy Mod Compendium

    Sorry, not sorry This post will be a collection of my mods, mostly for GonF with occasional mods for JinF as well. All mods in this thread will replace vanilla outfits with outfits from other games. I do not take any requests nor any commissions, and I will absolutely not make further changes...
  4. XTGMods

    Texture NSFW UE4 Heart Bikini - GonF

    Heart bikini for GonF, texture edit of KR exclusive 'star bikini' (cannot obtain on NA/EU). Replaces Hongmoon Uniform, use either version 1 or 2 but not both. Version 1 Version 2
  5. XTGMods

    Texture NSFW [UE4] Summer Beach - GonF Topless

    Removed top and added nipple textures to summer beach for GonF
  6. Kayo

    Texture Retexture for "Summer Glow" and "Summer Saga" (JinF only)

    my pantyhose fetish made me make a pantyhose version but since i believe bare legs fit a bit better i made 2 versions, Summer Saga looks the same on both versions it only affects "Summer Glow". The Pantyhose i made for the one version slightly changes, depending on the Skincolor it could be a...
  7. XTGMods

    Request Texture Fulfilled What is this hairstyle?

    Hi, anyone know what this hairstyle is? I clicked through everything on the one click tool as well as trying to preview head adornments in-game, can't find anything similar to this. Edit: Well it looks like after a bit of digging, I've found this hairstyle, and sadly I have to say, this seems...
  8. Master Cyclone

    Request Texture I need help finding these outfits upk

    So my servers (TH server) got an halloween update and i found these outfits that catch my eye I have no idea what are these outfits name(in english) sorry about that. and these outfit below is what i will use to replace them but just like the outfits above I can't find the upk So is anyone...
  9. Request Texture Jin costume mod request

    i would appreciate if anyone could mod Temptation and Twist of Fate costumes For Jin with no underwear if possiblle remove bra from temptation too THX in advance :)
  10. Request Texture Did anyone still has the official nude skin?

    Hi, since the link in this thread https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/official-nudity-mod.447/ were all dead, I'd like to request someone, whom happen to have those nude skin, to repost it here (mainly the original skins that NC made.) Thanks in advance!
  11. Help finding upk file

    I need help finding the upks for the costume Tight Knit for Jins
  12. Request Texture Request for Midnight Action Hero Texture, F Jin

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a texture mod for midnight action hero outfit either for hongmoon uniform or pure evil for jin female. I do not super understand how to use the modding tool so if anyone has any time for this, could you please help me out :3 thank...
  13. When does "Texture Sabotage" happen for UPK Manager 1.5.2 and above versions?

    "Texture Sabotage" = Intentional Degrading of Texture/Data to ruin the result of the costume and make it so that "What you see, you won't get it". Does it happen during the unpacking stage or repacking stage?
  14. Request Texture [GonM] Blue Thong Underwear Project, Problem with N-File (Newly exposed skin doesn't blend)

    Okay, so I started on a GonM Blue Thong Underwear project and got the following skin /gradient/depth problems: "Newly exposed skin" doesn't blend with the rest of skin texture. "Newly exposed skin" is at a higher depth or gradient? "Top perimeter" of Blue Thong Underwear doesn't have a higher...
  15. Request Texture [GonM] Recoloring Green/Gold "Scorpion" Full Body Suit to other color themes?

    So this is the GonM Green/Gold Full Body Suit (KR calls it Hercules costume???) I have attached the original files below. Green looks ugly. So this is the D file: This is the M file (The top upper left green portion is the "thong underwear" region) Red = Flesh/Skin, Green = Leather, Blue =...
  16. Texture Fulfilled [GonM] Need help to solve Pixelated Body Costume problem

    Originally, I started with this. After amending the file: 10008_GonM_col1_D.dds Using Adobe Photoshop with the Nvidia DDS plugin (Save as DXT5 ARGB 8bpp, interpolated alpha, Generate MIP maps) and UPK Manager 1.6.1 offline mode to repack all the D/M/N/S files. Problem: Recolored (Skin gets...
  17. [JinF] Hongmoon and Cerulean Order to Bikinis

    I was annoyed with starter outfits "flapping" while running so I replaced it with minimalistic bikinisP.S. I know it is easy to do with One Click Tool, just wanted to share
  18. [REQUEST] NoPan

    Em... this is big request but anyway had to try... xD if its possible, can someone remove panties from every costume what have them "viable" ? don't have to be all in one or something.... take ur time one by one. Thanks even if nope :p also I just realized I have it in wrong thread sorry...
  19. Jhoop

    Can someone help me with cat ears

    I've been wondering if u could turn the cat ears into lyn's 9 tail with ears but i dont know how Can someone help me with this
  20. Request Texture Looking for a Lyn upk!

    ImI trying to find the upk for the female Lyn "summer saga variant" outfit I found all of the other variant upks, but no luck on that one >__<; thanks in advance!
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