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Error 1002? Error 1003? Can't use addons? Bnspatch stopped working?

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If you have any of those symptoms, as of version, there are 2 solution to fix this error (for supported regions).
(If you have an older version of BnSBuddy, UPDATE IT).


Steps required:

Having the Plugin Loader installed AND UPDATED is required!

To install, open BnSBuddy, go to Extras and click on "Manage", on the right side of "Plugin Loader":

Enable "Plugin Loader":

You can also click on the "Update" button.


From this point, there are 2 solutions:

Solution 1: Enable Signature Bypasser

On the same window, on the "Online" side, look for a line like this (THE DATE MAY BE DIFFERENT):

Click on "[...]SigBypasser[...]" and then click on Install:

It should now show on the "Installed" side:


Solution 2: Install bnspatch

Do a file scan/repair! THIS IS MANDATORY!!!!

After that, follow the steps of solution 1, but look for a line starting with "bnspatch":

To apply addons, check this post:



If you are having issues with the Plugin Loader or bnspatch, you can try to install it manually.
You can find it on https://github.com/bnsmodpolice/bnspatch alongside with the instructions on what to do.

Common questions:
  • How does it work?
    Answer: read the instructions

  • What do I need to do to make it work?
    Answer: read the instructions

  • Where do I get it?
    Answer: read the instructions

  • How do I use addons?
    Answer: read the instructions

  • How do I disable multi-client without deleting bnspatch/plugin loader?
    Answer: you can't. You can use the "Legacy MultiClient", but you can't use addons.

  • How do I do autologin with bnspatch/plugin loader?
    Answer: you don't

  • How do I enable multi-client?
    Answer: it's included in bnspatch/plugin loader

  • How do I re-enable bnspatch if I turned off multiclient?
    Answer: read "How does it work?"

  • It doesn't work anymore at all, what do I do?
    Answer: try to manually rename the bnspatch.dll to something else then (if it fails) contact the Mod Police people on: https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG

For more questions, please contact https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG
For any doubts, please contact https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG
For any issues or bugs, please contact https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG

For anything related to bnspatch, contact https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG
All, any and every single question related to this will give you the full right of a warning as a spammer!
Asking "when will it be fixed in BnSBuddy?" will be seen as spam as well.
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