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  1. cupid

    Error 1002? Error 1003? Can't use addons? Bnspatch stopped working?

    IF YOU ARE IN THE RUSSIAN (RU) SERVERS, CLOSE THIS POST. YOU MAY GET BANNED FOR FOLLOWING ANY STEP DESCRIBED HERE. If you have any of those symptoms, as of version, there are 2 solution to fix this error (for supported regions). (If you have an older version of BnSBuddy, UPDATE IT)...
  2. Request Texture please help me find a upk number for the outfit

    dear fellow , I have been searching with both bns modding tool and the manipulate tool , all i find is a blue glow outfit like the one on the game but without the color , i see also more blue items but also in normal , so what make that outfit so special that prevent the ability to find it ...
  3. BnsBuddy doesn't backup *.dat files automatically before patching Addons?

    Noticed that BnsBuddy will have a 50% chance of stalling/hanging/infinite-looping/crashing when patching addons during the decompiling/compiling process, causing config*.dat and xml*.dat files to "evaporate from existence". Other than manually backing up the config*.dat and xml*.dat files, are...
  4. 64bit won't launch

    I can't tell if this is an NC error, bnsbuddy, or user error. I bought this laptop back in April and my bf helped me set it up with bnsbuddy to run 64bit. It ran perfect under 64bit. A few months back, it stopped working. It kept crashing at the login screen, and now it won't even launch 64bit...
  5. Request Addon Celestial Basin Rainclouds timer notification option

    As title
  6. Need to repair file after every log in using BNS Buddy

    After the latest blade and soul update, I need to repair my files every time after I played using BnS buddy around 70+mb or so. No such problem if I played using normal launcher. So maybe BNS did something that corrupt the use of third party software or something? Hope this will be fixed soon.
  7. why is my bns buddy offline

    i start my bns buddy and it says big OFFLINE sorry for bad english i am german :D
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