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  1. Open Trying to install bnspatch

    Hello :bnswave: i have a problem, i check a lot of topics here in the forum but nothing compared to mine problem . Apparently i don't know why, but when i click " install " on bns patch_UE4_2021 nothing happen. I can install others like sigbypasser without problem. Also when i try to launch the...
  2. cupid

    Error 1002? Error 1003? Can't use addons? Bnspatch stopped working?

    IF YOU ARE IN THE RUSSIAN (RU) SERVERS, CLOSE THIS POST. YOU MAY GET BANNED FOR FOLLOWING ANY STEP DESCRIBED HERE. If you have any of those symptoms, as of version, there are 2 solution to fix this error (for supported regions). (If you have an older version of BnSBuddy, UPDATE IT)...
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