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  1. Addon very important skills

    why are these skills not active ?
  2. butthash

    How to Make Your Character Dummy Thick

    When people are making their character, they tend to max out the breast and hip sliders which would imply that they'd take them further if they could. Of course, what does that matter? The sliders only go so far, right? What you'll need: BnS public tool -...
  3. Solved New bns buddy update doesnt remember login E-mail and password

    The title, Everytime i need to type the e-mail and pass manually, Check remember me doesnt do anything, and one more question how do I go back to the old version if i want to. i need help here or i'm doing something wrong? idk 1616171062 Nevermind, I manage to instal old version. everything...
  4. Đặng Nhật Tín

    Remove lmb in simplemode for des earth awaken

    My english is not well so anyone can help me with this request :(( , I know page have addon for des but my ping and my fps can not play in normal mode so i want in simple mode but need some tweak , thanks Update : remove LMB for des EARTH awaken in simplemode by Exora
  5. Create my own addon?

    'Okey so i need a little bit of help here: Im an Assassin and i want to create an Addon that is for Enabling Simple Mode in F12 so i can easy enable and disable it for my needs. Can anybody tell me how an addon is made so i dont have to xml edit everytime again?
  6. option name="other-hide-show-

    "option name="other-hide-show-" this function has disappeared, what is its new name?
  7. Hashi

    Request: Lightning Assassin Simple Mode

    Hello Guys, Been fiddling around the XML file following Cupid's instructions, but can't seem to figure it out... Basically Trying to make Assassin Simple Mode in stealth to be 4 > rmb > 4 > rmb (basically making it 2 full rotations due to 4 not being cancelled in simple mode). And also trying...
  8. BNS Buddy and russian client

    Endless, as u already know - for now bns buddy doesnt work with russian client. But as i understand - these mods like using all cores and others - are changes to client.dat (and 64bit version). So i think we (russian players) can just change some strings at this xml-file using BNS Buddy instead...
  9. Request Addon WL remove skills from simplified combat

    hello i want to remove rmb and v skill from WL simplified combat ,i dont know skill id, if someone could help that would be appreciated
  10. Request Addon Retrieve items from "Received Items" mailbox instantly.

    I'd like to put in a request for an addon to retrieve items from "Received items" instantly. The game limits you to only receiving 30 of an item at a time, and it places the items into your inventory one at a time on top of that. It's very time-consuming when I accumulate thousands of experience...
  11. Heldegas

    Remove Skill Change Delay

    Hey guys, How to : In XML//XML64 => client.config2.xml Change <option name="train-complete-delay-time" value="1.500000" /> to <option name="train-complete-delay-time" value="0.100000" /> This removes (10ms instead of 1.5 seconds) that annoying delay when hitting confirm to change skills...
  12. Heldegas

    Custom UI color themes

    Hey lads, Just stumbled upon some neat stuff while checking the XMLs. This allows us to change the color themes BNS gives us in OPTIONS => GRAPHICS => THEME SETTINGS, which for the most part are, in my opinion, either bland or not my taste. This below was a random test to see if and how it...
  13. GunerX

    The .DAT Sheet

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