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  1. XTGMods

    Texture Model UE4 [GonF] Improved Faces

    Importing and editing faces is now possible via gltf format, you'll need to export all the morphed face models and use the morphed models as shape keys for the base face. General improvement for GonF faces, with a higher poly face model and some upscaled face textures (up to 2K). Most notably...
  2. Ashe23

    Texture UE4 Ice Breaker to Ice Crystal Illusion Weapon Swap Mod

    Ice Breaker Illusion Weapons modded to Ice Crystal for every classes except for : Ice Breaker Illusion Harp and Twin Swords modded to Ice Fractal Illusion It will break Joybringer Illusion Weapon but who have that anyway >.>
  3. Request Texture UE4 Guide how to import back to game edited mesh

    Please if you know how to do that, can you explain?
  4. Texture UE4 looking for hair mod commission

    hello everyone, im looking for someone that will do a hair mod for me, if you're willing to do it i'd appreciate it so much (could give you some ingame gold or sth. else (EU)) It replaces one of the default JinF Hair (Idk if these Objects are still valid, they're from UE3) Default: The mod i...
  5. Zommie

    How to UE4 Introduction to Texture Modding for BnS UE4 * Updated 12/7/2022*

    I'm done with BnS and helping its shitty remaining player base, so don't contact me for anything regarding the game. Just in time for us to get hit with the sig lock that prevents modding. This tutorial was supposed to be out like 4 months ago but I unfortunately never had the time to finalize...
  6. Open Animations Modding UE4

    can we now edit / make animations for the game? i saw other modders doing that for other games based ue4
  7. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] KR Font for NA/EU/TW

    A request by KeelzYou on the forums. This mod uses the exact same font as the KR client's UI. Includes a How to Use and Known Issues document. HERE IS A FIX IF YOUR GAME DOESN'T LOAD WHILE HAVING THIS MOD AND A VOICEPACK MOD ACTIVE: Just put "Mod_" in front of the name of your other mods or...
  8. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] JP Font for NA/EU

    This mod used Hora's Roboto Font mod as a template. Special thanks to all these people for helping me figure it out. They all contributed tools and information to make this possible. ~From the BnS Buddy Discord: Ashllay, G Spot , Epic, Kayo, and KimCoder~ This mod uses the exact same font as...
  9. ashlay

    Texture NSFW UE4 Costumes Mods

    First UE4 mods. LynF NSFW JinF NSFW Gonf NSFW Yun NSFW How to use: create a mod folder like this "BNSR\Content\Paks\Mods" and extract the pak's there. I'm still learning how UE4 modding works. You can request I read all comments but does not mean that your request will be...
  10. boldbobo79

    Unsolveable Can buddy be used normally on TW UE4 version?

    Can buddy be used normally on TW UE4 version?
  11. GunerX

    BNS Upgrading to UE4

    ** ROUGH TRANSLATION ** Conversion To UE4 "B&S is a highly rated PC MMORPG. In order for us to continue providing high quality content, we will be converting to Unreal Engine 4. The new engine has improved rendering speeds compared to traditional UE3, and the Physical Base Rendering (PBR)...
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