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BNS Upgrading to UE4


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** ROUGH TRANSLATION ** Conversion To UE4 "B&S is a highly rated PC MMORPG. In order for us to continue providing high quality content, we will be converting to Unreal Engine 4. The new engine has improved rendering speeds compared to traditional UE3, and the Physical Base Rendering (PBR) provides a deeper, more stable screen. The content after the engine update utilizes the engine's high quality performance. The new monsters will be made using this to bring them to life. B&S's Character style will be maintained as much as possible through the engine conversion while we aim to create a more complete graphic experience." Something like that... CONTENT Translation "In addition to fighting, life style content can be enjoyed for a while. The main type of function for this content is collection and communication based. You can pause for a moment, relax and chat, and enjoy some fishing. You can also collect items as you travel around the fields. You can then exchange these items for other items. You can create your own story while enjoying it with your friends. Take a break from the battle, and enjoy the updates to life-style content." Story Translation Sorry... this part was really confusing as I didn't follow the story... Something something Mushin, New Chapters, Big Twists.


Think they were developing a "BNS revolution" for phone or tablet that already runs on UE4. This is more a PC port than a complete rework.
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