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    Hi Ashlay , i love your work, my best favorite is Julia, and your idea to make Julia Aransu Outfit to Bikini is great, but can you remove some accessories behind her back ? thank you
    How do the clothing texture mods work, how are they put on?
    High resolution rustic clothing texture overhaul for Skyrim. ... layout as the original Bethesda textures, so they will work with any mesh replacers ...
    Hi!Ashllay Could you Update the BnSDatTool Source code in Github? the now version i can't export the translation files,please and thanks
    Hey and sorry if i disturb you.
    I like youre Mods.They are all awesome and i think its a lot of work in it.
    I wear The Ravenfall and its awesome.I would like to have a Outfit wich is mostly naked like
    the Ghost in the Shell.Maybe without Pants
    So is it possible with the Ghost in the Shell for a Yun?

    Best wishes and thank you in advance
    Hey ash, any chance you'll upload your databases for the costume replacement tool again? Not necessarily KR and the other regions, but at least NA/EU? I'm really struggling to update them myself and I have some missing outfits

    P.S. I sent you a message but it was bugged so I'm posting it here as well
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