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Request Texture Lyn Male Outfit Replacement Request


Hello I was wondering if anyone could please mod 2 costumes for me I would highly appreciate it the 2 outfits I want is:
-Tight Knit
-Butterfly Effect

And if possible could you replace (Pure Affection -> Tight Knit)
and replace (Cabin Mate -> Butterfly Effect)

Thank you so much for this!


  • Butterfly Effect.JPG
    Butterfly Effect.JPG
    25.9 KB · Views: 12
  • Cabin Mate.JPG
    Cabin Mate.JPG
    21.7 KB · Views: 11
  • Pure Affection.JPG
    Pure Affection.JPG
    26 KB · Views: 10
  • tight knit.JPG
    tight knit.JPG
    25.6 KB · Views: 9
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