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News Blade & Soul: False Idols Patch Notes

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The Templar and Barrier Keeper are seeking restitution—in blood. Join the fight in Blade & Soul: False Idols on July 25 and bring an end to the Automatons’ blind servitude!
Community Manager Bethany “Liinxy” Stout and Producer Jonathan “Babbletr0n” Lien showed off Blade & Soul: False Idols’ content, features, and events in our most recent livestream. Watch and follow along as they take you through a tour of what’s new!

Hall of the Keeper and Hall of the Templar

With the Kuranos Cube returned to the inner sanctum of Nightfall Sanctuary, the alcove doors have opened once more. The Templar and Barrier Keeper, living idols built as the prime mechanical wonders of an empire that is faded and no more, have awoken within their halls.

No one has paid them tribute in some time, and now they’re seeking restitution— in blood.

Enter the Hall of the...


Addon Pack (.patch)

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Since apparently people are too derp to properly search for things, let me just flood the forum with spam n shit. Herpindederpdederp

You don't have permission to view content!
You don't have permission to view content!
  • Always show Enrage timer - Shows the enrage timer for 30 minutes. (duh)
  • Auto Kick member after 15 minutes offline - Pretty obvious going by the name. (duh)
  • Close Game Faster - Makes the game close faster. (duh)
  • Disable AFK Check - You will no longer DC from being AFK.
  • Disable Breast Physics - No more boob jiggle, rip.
  • Disable Auto Bias - Disable Global Auto Bias GCD. Should not be used if your ingame ping is 100ms or higher on average.
  • Disable Clause - Removes User Agreement at login.
  • Disable Loading Screen Tips - Disables loading screen tips. (duh)
  • Disable NAGLE - Disables the...


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What is ExitLag?

ExitLag is similar to WTFast/BattlePing/PingZapper/NoPing etc etc. They use server routing or proxy servers to try to improve your ping to the game servers.

How do I know it works?

Well I've already tested it and below are my findings.

Neat! How do I get it?

Click here!


For Exitlag support, join their Discord: https://discord.gg/5VVkbrP

GonF Sexy Bikini Mod Pack

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You don't have permission to view content!
You don't have permission to view content!


High Quality version REQUIRE "No Texture Streaming" in BNS Buddy or you will crash.

Normal version will run fine with normal Client.

Black and White Striped


Sky Blue




Hot Pink


The .DAT Sheet

Un Park Your CPU

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What is CPU Parking and Why do I care?

source: https://ttcshelbyville.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/what-is-core-parking-and-should-you-adjust-it/

Core parking basically makes your processors go into a sleep state known as (C6) and is supported by most new processors. This allows your computer to save power. There is a trade off for disabling parking. If you use a laptop or tablet, you may notice a slight difference in battery life once you disable core parking on your CPUs. If you disable core parking on your CPUs, your computer may have faster benchmarks. (Reported higher frame rates by gamers and power users).

Notes for Server 2012 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2814791

If you are a power user, you can disable core parking by going to registry entries or the programs below.

How can this speed up my computer? Imagine that you have four engines and every time you stop and start you also turn...

How to use Addons with BnS Buddy

Increase FPS for Nvidia Users

Blade and Soul One Click Tool

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A General Guide to the Blade and Soul One click Replacement Tool
Download the Tool Here | This download is ment for the average user and is confirmed to be 100% functional. This archive was made using 7zip, please use 7zip to extract it.
Download the Tool Here | Normal Zip | Use this if you get corrupted files with the 7zip file

The Dojo is going down, so I'm still doing my best to grab the most important information off of it before its gone forever.
Here is the original one click tool guide (all images reuploaded to imgur)
Any Edits that I make to the original will be using block quotes so you can easily tell what is different.

Screenshots of the...
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