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Buddy Update

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+ Renamed: AMD ULPS for easier understanding
+ Enabled: Ingame memory cleaner is back and improved
+ Updated: IDs for korean login/maintenance/version were changed
+ Updated: NCLauncher.ini has been changed and detection system has been updated
+ Added: A Seperate patch button in addons so users would not require to start game to patch games files if wanted
+ Added: Enhanced innerexception and stacktrace for error reports
+ Fixed Bug: Handling of corrupted file on startup of checking backup configs
+ Fixed Bug: Bool was not properly used to check if region was selected or not
+ Fixed Bug: Mail check on login input is broken
+ Fixed Bug: Parent node having sub folders would skip sub node if parent contained mods
+ Fixed Bug: Parent node not unticking after installing/uninstalling
+ Fixed Bug: Handler for unexisting folder mods would not remove invalid child and parent treenode
+ Fixed Bug: Mod Manager would not clear the entire parent if it had childrens and all does not exist
+ Fixed Bug: Mod Manager would not color both child and parent if both were conflicting and would throw error

Sorry for the korean users for late update. I wanted to make sure a few bugs were fixed before the release of the update.
Not open for further replies.
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