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How to Updating One Click Tool database

Discussion in 'How-to' started by Wiper008, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Rolnička

    Rolnička Cricket Member

    Can someone upload an updated version of this tool with the latest database for people who didn't managed to update the tool themselves for Eu / Na :bnscry:
    Thank you. :bnsshy:
    --- Merged ---
  2. Renielf

    Renielf Cricket Member

    Please can someone post the latest database for Eu/Na??
  3. Haiiro

    Haiiro Cricket Member

    So, I've successfully updated the database. But I noticed some of the models are missing textures and or materials? They show up as bright silver/glowy. Is that due to those models/outfits not actually being released on the EU/NA client but the models haven't been removed?



    Edit: picture attachment.