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How to Updating One Click Tool database

Discussion in 'How-to' started by Wiper008, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Wiper008

    Wiper008 Cricket Member

    First you will need latest One Click Tool, I recommend using this one from creators baidu (re-uploaded to google drive)


    Okay now since you are probably familiar with using Oneclick Tool already I'll skip right to updating database.

    First you will want to check if your settings.json (config\settings.json) file is configured properly.

    This is example of properly configured file for KR client:
      "path": {
        "game": "D:\\Program Files (x86)\\NCKR\\BNS_KR",
        "data": "contents\\local\\NCSoft\\korean\\data",
        "tencent": "contents\\bns\\CookedPC",
        "bns": "contents\\bns\\CookedPC"
    This is example of properly configured file for CN client:
      "path": {
        "game": "D:\\bnscn\\cn",
        "data": "contents\\Local\\TENCENT\\CHINESES\\data",
        "tencent": "contents\\Local\\TENCENT\\CHINESES\\CookedPC",
        "bns": "contents\\bns\\CookedPC"

    Now that config file is in check move back to root directory of tool and look if there is batch file named run.bat
    If no just create one with those contents:

    @echo off
    cd /d PATH_TO_TOOL
    grunt ACTION --stack --verbose & pause > nul
    PATH_TO_TOOL will be your path to tool ofc
    ACTION is thing you will replace with these in order when each is completed:
    So first you will replace ACTION with build_preparer, save file, run as admin, wait for it to finish, replace with icon_dumper, etc till u reach end

    easy right?

    1. run build_preparer, it will get rid of old files
    2. run icon_dumper

    Okay so after you icon_dumper is done navigate into \database\icon\png\ and copy all files into \database\icon\png-cps\

    3. Before you run upk_preparer there is one extra step you have to do

    Download bnsdat from
    (first file)

    now extract bnsdat into
    After you extracted tool fetch xml.dat file from your game client and copy it in dedat folder

    Edit translate.bat file so it looks like this:
    @echo off
    bnsdat.exe -x xml.dat
    It will take a while for tool to decrypt xml.dat, after it's done all files will be decrypted into folder "xml.dat.file", just move all contents from this folder into \resouces\dedat\output

    4. run upk_preparer

    When it's done with upk_preparer you will probably see "dedat returned error 0" or something, don't worry it's fine at this point it should be decrypting xml.dat but since they changed the way xml is decrypted or something the included dedat doesn't work because it just keeps returning error "ENCRYPTION ERROR?"

    5. Run upk_scanner this step might take A WHILE ~1h

    6. Run upk_parser takes bout ~20min

    7. Run shooter

    Now at this point you don't want to be doing anything so it properly takes screenshots this one can take few hours too so better run it when you go to bed :')

    8. png_optimizer (OPTIMAL)

    9. Getting pictures to work

    Open 2 windows, one in \database\ folder and the other inside \VS_GUI\BladeSoulTool\tmp

    So if you didn't run png_optimizer you will be copying/moving files from "pics"
    if you ran png_optimizer you will be copying/moving files from "pics-cps"

    \database\attach\pics  goes into\VS_GUI\BladeSoulTool\tmp\attach
    \database\costume\pics  goes into\VS_GUI\BladeSoulTool\tmp\costume
    \database\weapon\pics  goes into\VS_GUI\BladeSoulTool\tmp\weapon
    \database\icon\png\ goes into \VS_GUI\BladeSoulTool\tmp\icon

    After this you should be all set with latest database generated for client you used, so here's the result:

    Also sorry for any typos, errors or whatsoever

    Edit 1: Removed baidu link and replaced it with google drive
    Edit 2: Fixed so Icons (at least most of them) appear in tool with help of Soupy
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  2. LastCigarette

    LastCigarette Cricket Member

    So if i do this on the EU/NA client i will only have the costumes that are on those servers?
  3. Wiper008

    Wiper008 Cricket Member

    Yes, sorry for late reply
  4. skwarrior14

    skwarrior14 Cricket Member

    any thing i can do to prevent the shooter from the "Not Responding" bs?
  5. Ashe23

    Ashe23 Cricket Modder Member

    Can someone upload an updated version of this tool with the latest database for people who didn't managed to update the tool themselves (like me) :bnscry:
    Thank you. :bnsshy:
    Alzer likes this.
  6. Glemt

    Glemt Cricket Member

    I reached this part, but the png folder is completely empty.

    Also is there anyway you can make a video tutorial for this?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
  7. Wiper008

    Wiper008 Cricket Member

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  8. Yurazer

    Yurazer Cricket Member

  9. Bugs Bunnay

    Bugs Bunnay Cricket Member

    "grunt is not recognized as an internal blah blah blah." what is this part? this "PATH_TO_TOOL" is the BladeSoulTool.bat or is it something else? i'm stuck at the run.bat part
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  10. Hime

    Hime Cricket Modder Donator Member

  11. tunahead

    tunahead Cricket Member

    Hate to be a dick but my scanner found a virus in it.

    You're gonna need to explain this.
  12. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Unless i'm doin somethin wrong the gunner weapons should have been added but I got nothin.
  13. Camile

    Camile Cricket Member

    this takes forever to download or download dont work at all? :bnsconfused:
  14. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Take it as downloading a game off Steam, it may take a while.
  15. gernet

    gernet Cricket Member

    Ok guys for people who struggle after you downloaded bnsdat from

    he says that "After you extracted tool fetch xml.dat file from your game client and copy it in dedat folder"

    Meaning just copy the xml.dat file from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\data
    BladeSoulTool\resources\dedat folder
    and also copy the translate.bat from
    BladeSoulTool\resources\dedat\bnsdat_0.7.6_windows-portable_i686\bnsdat\bin (that you extracted earlier)
    BladeSoulTool\resources\dedat folder

    **because inside the translate.bat it says: :: PLACE THIS SCRIPT IN THE SAME DIRECTORY WITH 'XML.DAT' so I put them in the same folder** it works for me.
    I don't know why did he say "fetch xml.dat" instead of "copy xml.dat"
    I was searching for "tool fetch" for a good 30 minutes. Idk maybe I'm stupid LOL

    Now I'm almost done with the whole thing. If it worked for me I'll make a vid for you guys because it might be very difficult for a lot of people since he didn't provide full directories or how to edit a bat file.
  16. Miian

    Miian Cricket Member

    stuck on "grunt is not recognized" part :/
  17. Lingerie

    Lingerie Cricket Donator Member

    I'm getting this game problem. After icon_dumper the png folder is empty. Is there a way to fix this? Or Am I doing something wrong?
  18. Liz

    Liz Cricket Member

    I wish to thank people that wrote here because i managed to update my database successfully :)
    I was only interested in lyn costumes so i run partial update so i wont be uploading whole database but i hope i can help others update themselves.

    Most important thing is that your path to tool dont have spaces in name. This will fix icons n other images that whole process create.

    @echo off
    cd /d "E:\games\NCSOFT\Blade_and_Soul_One_Click_Tool"
    grunt icon_dumper --stack --verbose & pause > nul

    Im not sure but having B&S installed in some default folder like program files will probably bring some "access denied" errors somewhere so its best to have b&s installation path on some other place. My path to b&s dont contain any spaces either.

    path part in setting.json
      "path": {
        "game": "E:\\games\\NCSOFT\\BnS",
        "data": "contents\\Local\\NCWEST\\ENGLISH\\data",
        "tencent": "contents\\Local\\NCWEST\\ENGLISH\\CookedPC",
        "bns": "contents\\bns\\CookedPC"

    also if your pc is some decent machine that can run B&S at max settings you probably can cut shooter time, you have to change in settings.json interval to 1000

    "umodel_shooter": {
        "interval": 1000

    this should cut time by 1/3, you can lower it a bit more but its depend on ur PC. I would say about 500 is max if u got all on ssd (i didn't test that), i have all on hdd and went with 1000 without problems.

    I didn't alter other timers because it don't take that much time and im not sure if its safe.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  19. Lingerie

    Lingerie Cricket Donator Member

    yes thanks, it was the spaces in the tool directory causing the no outputs.
  20. KidKhan

    KidKhan Cricket Member

    So, the 2nd step (icon_dumper) is supposed to take almost an hour? It's doing one PNG per second. With 3570 files, that's almost an hour. That's supposed to be like that?