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Buddy Update & Updater

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Firstly... Thanks & Sorry for the massive wait!
Pc broke down twice, delays for packages/emails with support and cleaning up my mobo until it worked.

Without further ado...

+ Added: Beautify toggle for applying addons
+ Added: Restore addons from bottom to top
+ Added: Support for BXML4
+ Added: New toggle for astromancer in animation toggles
+ Added: Config editor for d912pxy
+ Added: Updateable d912pxy config file
+ Added: BnSPatch Support and the plugins(multiclient and more) along with it
+ Added: Addon Manager for bnspatch
+ Updated: IP for na region
+ Updated: Keys for the regions
+ Updated: Internal updater has been updated
+ Moved: MultiClient toggle
+ Fixed Bug: The archer animation toggle was partially broken
+ Fixed Bug: Comments were not fixed properly in dat editor
+ Fixed Bug: Double clicking the BnSBuddy icon from taskbar would cause unwanted actions
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled error when nclauncher service does not work

+ Fixed Bug: Access denied when blocked by antivirus or anything would cause unhandled error
Not open for further replies.
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