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Buddy Update

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  • Added: a plus button for a full description for the mod
  • Added: Preview button in mod manager
  • Added: Help button for mod manager
  • Added: Beautify button to dat editor for xml cleanup
  • Added: Syntax check for dat editor to prevent corrupted files
  • Added: Disabling menu options when game is already running
  • Added: Save as xml button for dat editor
  • Added: Colors to installed mods
  • Added: Installed mods conflict check
  • Added: Sub mods to mod manager
  • Modified: Mod Manager to install mods with symlinks for faster operations & save space
  • Modified: Applying/removing mod buttons renamed
  • Reworked: Detection of installed mods
  • Reworked: Mod manager does it's job with threads instead of background worker
  • Fixed Bug: Duplicate process check within tick would cause error if overlapped
  • Fixed Bug: Grabbing color on other forms even if settings.ini didn't exist crashed buddy
  • Fixed Bug: BackColor for treeview for xmls in dat editor goes black randomnly and not readable
  • Fixed Bug: Popups styling from buddy would be broken and button would overlap
Not open for further replies.
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