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Patch SG Fire Simplemode for full macros (lazy mode :v)


While 1601627625478.png [ TAB ] Tombstone buff active replace with 1601627888764.png Carpet Bomb
1601627687858.png [ 4 ] Crossfire and 1601627731977.png [ C ] Firefall replace with
- 1601627795158.png Awakened Bullet Storm
- 1601627801948.png Bullet Storm
- 1601627809583.png Reload
replace 1601627731977.png [ C ] Firefall and 1601628055604.png 1601628062267.png 1601628193952.png 1601628080976.png 1601627809583.png [ RMB ] with 1601627687858.png Crossfire when start/press 1601627687858.png [ 4 ] Crossfire

recommend macros [ V ][ TAB ][ T ][ C ][ 4 ]

Virustotal :v

if you don't like crossfire replace
you can try old version with patch >>here<<


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