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Addon Gunner Fire simplemode for full macros (lazy mode :v)


Replace 4214 [4]Crossfire and 4215 [C]Firefall with
- 4212 Awakened Bullet Storm
- 4213 Bullet Storm
- 4237 Reload
while 4216 [TAB]Tombstone buff active
using macros [V][TAB][T][C][4]
for who's lazy just macros and play tablet :v

- 17/7/2020
added 4237 Reload after 4212 Awakened Bullet Storm and 4213 Bullet Storm now can spam full macros :v
- 24/9/2020
replace 4215 with 4449 while using (download with v.2)
- 2/10/2020
remove v.2 and move to XML version >>here<< :x


  • SG Fire simplemode full macros.patch
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