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force master

  1. HaeMujin

    Addon Forcemaster Lightning FM - A few addons

    Hi there. I won't be making new addons :bnspeace3: --- Still learning how to mod the new .xml... Some of the addons are in the old format (.patch) and could conflict with other addons you already have. Simple Mode 01: Autocast Electrocute (Z) 02: Swaps Force Blast (3) with Magnetize (4)
  2. Request Addon Force master fire simple mode change

    i dont know if someone did, but if not, can make some simples changes on the simples mode? the simple mode start with the dual dragons and finish with blaze beam, can you change that? start with blaze beam and finish with dual dragons? and during Soulburn, change dual dragons with the awekened...
  3. Forcemaster request for new badge fire fm's simple mode

    After i tested the new badge, I found there are some that need to fix 1. change priority between Meteor shower(V) and Blazing wall(C). So Meteor Shower first then blazing wall. 2. use Shock fire(1) even i don't have 5 Ember stacks. Now the shock fire doesn't work if i don't have 5 ember...
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