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Macros, lets post them in 1 place to help everyone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OoO, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Inevertias

    Inevertias Cricket Member

    Okay thanks, seems to be working now
  2. jinchuu

    jinchuu Cricket Member

    Hi everyone, i'm having troubles doing ani-cancel on blade dancer always doing rate 1 lightning flash and 1 flicker, is there any macro that would help me with it?
    my ping its around 110-150.
  3. Zaydovaah

    Zaydovaah Cricket Member

    Requesting Light BM macro for anicancels. In-game ping 230-250. Anyone please?
  4. Kay998

    Kay998 Cricket Member

    There was a post one page ago for a destro macro i made it on AHK, the rrt one doesnt work for me, maybe the delays are wrong, if someone knows how to fix them please do, as for the RRTT version works better but not perfectly, maybe i need to increase the delay by a 5-10%, the sleep 200 at the end maybe is the issue.

    RRTT version
    While GetKeyState("XButton1", "p"){
        SendMode Input
        Send {r down}
        Sleep 45
        send {r up}
        sleep 35
        send {t down}
        sleep 45
        send {t up}
        sleep 200
    RRT version
    While GetKeyState("XButton1", "p"){
        SendMode Input
        Send r
        Sleep 50
        send r
        sleep 300
        send t
        sleep 200
  5. Joshua Potter

    Joshua Potter Cricket Member

    Is there any Ice Warlock macros?
  6. Klovai

    Klovai Cricket Member

    Hi, first of all sorry for my poor english. I have a question, is it possible to make a macro combination for a Destruction Gunner for a Mars Gaming MM4 mouse like simple mode function for f12? if it is, can you help me to make one please? i was trying to make one but it didn't work.