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Solved Issue with launching KR frontier client

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So I'm trying to reinstall the KR frontier server on my computer, after successfully installing it once before and uninstalling.
The game worked completely fine the first time, but now I can't get it to work with or without a VPN, and after uninstalling in reinstalling many times. I noticed that a message kept coming up after the first 32.97 GB download the launcher does for the installshield wizard. Yandex says it says something like
"You cannot find the folder where the game is installed. Did install the game as a set-up program or, After installation in the game folder directly, delete, move, occur if Can be. Reinstall the game please (automatic installation of the game press OK button to re-install)."

After showing this, it continues to download the rest of the game, but when i launch it, the opening "NC" movie plays, then it crashes to the error report popup.
I've left all the default settings and everything, but can't get it to work. The Scan File button doesn't help it seems. I've also tried launching with BnS Buddy and it says the config64 file is corrupted or missing, but this doesn't change no matter how many times I use the scan file button on the NC launcher.
Anyone have any ideas?


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Check the event viewer and see whats the error code for the game's client.


Not sure if I'm looking in the right place, but I don't see anything in the event viewer when the client does it's error.
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After the recent patch, this issue fixed itself after the client updated. Also, looks like the server works fine without a VPN.


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